Yeah, finally got the plumbing issues fixed at the Condo which means I can go home tomorrow and get back to work on my quilting. The water heater still needs fixing but they are going to come back on Friday next week to finish up.

Can anyone tell me why one project always leads to another? We put in three new toilets in the Condo and now there’s a gap between the carpet and the toilet in all three bathrooms. Luckily I don’t like carpet in the bathroom and had already planned on replacing the flooring but as a temporary measure I’ll be buying those shaped bathroom rugs that fit around the toilets.

3 thoughts on “Plumbing

  1. quiltpixie

    Ah the joys of renovating! 😉

    Glad to hear you’ll be home for New Year’s. Enjoy the week’s reprieve from plumbing…

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