Twin Log Cabin Quilts

We went up to the Condo for the weekend and I got the new quilts on the beds.

I still have to replace the pink carpet in this room but I love the quilts and am happy to get rid of the blue comforters that were on the beds.

18 Responses to “Twin Log Cabin Quilts”

  • christine:

    these quilts look GREAT…..even with the pink carpet.

  • dot:

    These look nice. I am so inspired to do a log cabin now that I have seen so many. I really like the look these add to thr room.

  • JudyL:

    They look great! What color carpet are you going to use?

    Judy L.

  • Chris:

    My room looks so much better! I can’t wait until we can come back! Hopefully Beck and I can come up and see you towards the end of Febuary! Thanks, and I will call you in NOLA!

  • Chris:

    They make the room look so much better!

  • The Calico Cat:

    Nice transformation! (What color carpeting do you have in mind?) DO the quilts drape all around? That is a nice width – no “air holes.” (I have a flannel raggy that has “air holes” so it is now a couch throw!)

  • cher:

    yes much better than the blue comforters! log cabin quilts are always so homey looking-very nice.

  • Laurie Ann:

    Very nice transformations. The log cabins are perfect for that room!

  • Dee:

    Wow….I bet you are pleased as punch. These quilts look great. I bet whom ever sleeps under the quilts will have the best dreams ever.

  • Mary:

    When I get around to replacing the carpet it will most likely be some shade of beige or tan.

  • Finn:

    Love the colors, and of course, my favorite layout for log cabin as it uses uneven numbers..*VBG*

  • Laurie:

    OH I LOVE IT!!!!! Much better than the blue comforters! And yep…the carpet has to go!!! OH MAN…would my dh love to hear me say “Honey, the carpet needs to go…it makes my quilts look tacky!” LOL…he’d roll his eyes FOR SURE! ;o)

  • Sandra:

    The room has WAY much more character now – the quilts look great! Love the way they hang right down to the floor 🙂

  • Evelyn aka Starfishy:

    Hey! Is that the same room??? Looks wonderful – BIG improvement! Lots of work to make 2 matching quilts, I am sure, but it was worth it.



  • Bonnie:

    The quilts add SO much more personality to the room, don’t you think? It even looks good with that carpet for now.. :c) Great job!


  • quiltpixie:

    What a huge diffference the quilts make! They look great, making for a comfy welcoming room rather than a utilitarian one…

  • Anonymous:

    thanks so much for the before and after shots. what a difference they make to the room. don’t worry about changing the carpet for a while! this is denise/debrat but can’t figure out what my blog account is 🙁

  • Holly:

    those log cabins look awesome together in that room! Bright and cheery.

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