Another top finished

The new top

Adam’s Quilt

I finished another top tonight. This one is also a UFO but the only thing I had done prior to working on it this week was cutting the strips.

Cutting out scrap quilts can be such a chore that I like to cut more than one at a time when possible. I cut the strips for this charity quilt when I was cutting Becky’s quilt in November.

I have the book Super Simple Strips by Lynda Milligan & Nancy Smith and had made Adam a quilt based on one from this book in Nov 2004 – I think the only change I made was the size. This was the same pattern I chose for this charity top. It’s quick and easy.

8 Responses to “Another top finished”

  • cher:

    another nice ufo top! sometimes a simple pattern is so relaxing to run up…I love the colors!

  • Evelyn aka Starfishy:

    Amazing how the exact same fabrics can look so different when using a different pattern. I agree with you – cutting a scrap quilt is a chore. The 2nd quilt I really love the colors on.



  • Patti:

    Great scrap quilts Mary. Good use of your stash!

  • deputyswife:

    Oh, I like this pattern. Especially with the black! I will have to find it. (Or try to decipher it from your photo. LOL!)

  • Laurie Ann:

    I love both of those quilts. I’ll have to check out that book. Thanks!

  • Samantha:

    They look wonderful! FYI, Nancy and Lynda are the owners of the closest LQS to my house… I’ve been going there for years now!

  • Sandra:

    Who would have thought the simplest of patterns would result in two very different but vibrant quilts – I love them both!

  • Karen:

    Great colors! I love them both.
    You are staying so diligent.

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