Butterfly Quilting

Click on the pictures to see the quilting detail
It’s done. I quilted a mixture of leaves and butterflies and I guess it looks OK. Once it’s bound I’ll post a picture of the whole quilt but here are a couple shots of the quilting. You can still see some of my marking on the butterfly picture. I used template plastic to trace the outline of the butterfly and scattered them in the border.

Technically I should do some ditch stitching but I hate to stitch in the ditch on the longarm. It’s a donation quilt not a show quilt so I’m going to allow myself to not ditch stitch.

Of course, in case you get the wrong idea – I don’t make show quilts. The quilts I make for myself are scrap quilts and I quilt pantographs on them.

If it wasn’t for quilting my Mom’s quilts I probably wouldn’t be able to quilt anything but overall meandering or pantographs. She always seems to make quilts that need something other than pantographs.

Thanks for all the input.

13 Responses to “Butterfly Quilting”

  • Laurie:

    It looks AWESOME! Great job!

  • martha in ny:

    Love it!

  • JudyL:

    Mary, looks great! I don’t think you “technically” need SID!! 🙂

    Judy L.

  • Passionate Quilter:

    Mary–it’s beautiful! You have done a great job and I don’t think it needs anymore quilting from what I can see. I’m sure your Mom will love it too.

  • Mary:

    I probably didn’t make myself clear. This quilt is a donation quilt but I have my Mom to thank for making me learn to quilt something other than pantographs and allover freehand quilting. Her quilts always need more elaborate quilting than mine do.

  • cher:

    this turned out so wonderful-wish it was being donated to me! Really Mary-it is a great quilting job….you are not giving yourself enough credit! Good for you to step outside your usual style and go for the freehand quilting…I think it makes this quilt!

  • Laurie Ann:

    I love love love that pattern and your color selections and now the quilting has just finished it perfectly. I would have a hard time giving that one away.

  • Jeanne:

    Your color choices, thread and quilting are wonderful!

  • Finn:

    Great color choices Mary, and I love the butterflies. In the ditch isn’t much fun no matter how you do it…I sympathize with you. Great job tho..

  • Happy Valley Quilter:

    It’s really looking wonderful. We’ll all be eager to see it once it’s finished!

  • dot:

    This really turned out nice. I like the pattern you designed. It is often scarry to work outside of our comfort zone, but look at the great accomplishment when we do. Keep up the good work.

  • Evelyn aka Starfishy:

    I truly think that this quilt is the Ugly Duckling that grew into the Beautiful Swan! I remember when you posted photos of the lonely blocks – what a transformation! After all that hand wringing – the quilting is just beautiful! Great job.



  • The Calico Cat:

    Thanks for the close-ups – I love the main print from a distance, but appreciate it more up close… Green and ornage is now a color combo om my radar (instead of green and purple or green and pink)

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