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What I’m reading

The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters Elisabeth Robinson

It’s now 1:50AM and instead of sleeping I just finished this book.

The writing style took me a while to adapt to as the book is written as a series of letters from one person. This is another book about sisters – a topic that I mentioned is of interest to me as I have 3 of them. I also have 2 brothers but I have to admit my more *interesting* relationships are with my sisters.

In the novel (which is based on events in the author’s life), one of the sisters is diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. I’ve had a sister survive cancer and I lost my father-in-law 9 months ago to complications of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia so this book hit me on a couple levels.

South Florida

We arrived in South Florida today after a stop in Punta Gorda to visit my sister Debbie. We had a nice lunch and a brief visit with her before climbing back in the car and continuing on our journey. She also gave me a stack of her hand dyed fabrics. I don’t know what I’ll make with them yet but I’m scouting patterns and I’m sure I’ll find something suitable.

I’ll have a chance to see Debbie again in a couple weeks when we both go up to Virginia for the Mid Atlantic Quilt Fest. She’s flying through Atlanta and I was able to get on the same flights so we’ll get to travel together as well as spend a few days at Mom’s.

I guess you can tell I’m getting a lot of reading done on this trip from all the book postings. I also made some good progress on the afghan I’m crocheting on the car ride today. Tonight I’ll work some more on the Cathedral Windows.

I’m feeling much better yesterday and today – thanks to everyone who wished me well – it seems to have worked.

Keith and I have plans tomorrow or Friday to go to Ft. Lauderdale to walk along the beach and then lunch at one of the sidewalk cafe’s. Our hotel is only about 15-20 minutes from the beach but most of our time here will be spent with family.

What I’m reading

Predator Patricia Cornwell

I loved the early books in the Kay Scarpetta series but the last several have been disappointing. Each time she comes out with another one I’m tempted NOT to buy and read it but I guess I’m afraid I’m going to miss something.

I would recommend her early books but not the last few.

Road trip continues

We made it to Tampa this evening and will be here until Wednesday morning. When we leave Tampa we’ll stop by my sister’s house for lunch on our way to South Florida. We hadn’t planned on a visit with her on this trip but it will be nice to see her even briefly.

We were in Orlando since late afternoon Friday. I’m sorry to say that I messed up our plans for the Super Bowl by being sick. On top of the respiratory virus I’ve been fighting for 2 weeks I got a 48 hr GI bug. Luckily that seems to have passed so hopefully the rest of the trip will be better.

Chesty is doing pretty well in the hotels – he does bark when anyone comes to the door which luckily isn’t too often.

I’m making good progress on my crocheted baby afghan which is my car project and a little progress on the Cathedral Windows. I did get another row sewn on the Cathedral Windows and am now making some more blocks for a second row.

What I’m reading

Just Between Us Cathy Kelly

An entertaining and easy to read book about relationships. The main characters are a mother and three daughters.

I love reading about relationships between sisters. I have 3 sisters myself and I’m always interested in how mine compare even with fictional sisters!

What I’m reading

4th of July James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

I just finished this mystery – 4th in the series featuring Lt. Lindsey Boxer.

I didn’t realize until I started keeping track of the books I’m reading that I read so many mysteries with female detectives or private investigators. I enjoyed this book and have liked all the ones so far in this series.

Why did I decide I had to make this backing before I left?

One last post before I stop complaining of how much I have to do and just go do it.

I decided I needed to piece this back for the butterfly quilt before I left so I can get right to work on quilting it when I get home.

So I yanked a bunch of coordinating fabrics off the shelf and ripped them into different widths. I had been cutting a bunch of squares over the last several days but decided to save them for another quilt I’m making.

Now back to work!


I’m pulling out my Cathedral windows project to pack it for my trip and can only find the finished squares – none of the muslin squares or the small *flower* squares. Well of course I don’t remember how big to cut them so I go looking for the book with the 1/2 page instructions and can’t find it.

Finally, after an hour of throwing books everywhere I find it sitting on the floor under a stack of books I’d already looked through 3 times . You should all be impressed that I even remember which book had my skimpy directions in it after all it’s been almost 3 years since I started this project.

Now I just have to cut a new bunch of squares as if I didn’t have enough to do tomorrow getting ready to be gone for 11 days!

The good news is that there are about 2 rows of squares finished that aren’t sewn together yet that I’d forgotten I’d finished.

Next time I put a project away maybe I should put some kind of instructions with it. That’s what I get for not working from patterns.