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I’ve loaded the butterfly quilt and intended to start quilting it tonight but since I’m not sure about the quilting I’m going to sleep on it and start tomorrow afternoon.

I’m in such a pantograph mode – I haven’t quilted anything freehand this year. I’m debating between freehand quilting a Line Dancing pattern with leaves or this pantograph – Rhapsody. The lazy way would be to just do the pantograph.

Second I’m debating thread color. An olive green that matches the *dark* fabric in the quilt or a variegated with greens, golds, and oranges.

Click on the picture to get a larger view.

I’ll probably start quilting in the afternoon so if you have any thoughts for me – leave me a comment before then otherwise it will be too late because I AM going to make a decision and quilt this tomorrow!

Adam’s top finished

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I was determined NOT to go to bed tonight before finishing this top. I did not want to wake up and have to face it in the morning. It’s turning out better than I expected it and I know Adam will love it.

Now I’ll put it aside until I get back from the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show next week. We visit Adam on his birthday (March 18th) so I’ll have plenty of time to quilt it before our visit.

Stashbuster’s retreat weekend

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I’m participating in a stay at home retreat this weekend with the Stashbuster group and working on a birthday quilt for my son Adam.

This is another UFO – I’ve had 3/4 of the squares cut out for this quilt for months maybe even more than a year. My intention was to make a rag quilt but then I made the mistake of describing the quilt to him. He said NO ragged edges. So with most of the squares cut out I was limited to what I make.

Here’s my progress so far. The appliques are from the old jeans and I’m just trying to sprinkle them through the quilt.

I have two more rounds of squares – one blue and a final black.

Does anyone have ideas on how to quilt this?

UFO #5 finished

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Here are the final pictures. I finished the binding up at my Bee group this morning. I didn’t have enough of the border fabric to bind the quilt so I made a scrappy binding out of the leftover red and purple strips.

Next up is a jean’s quilt for my son’s birthday. He told me he did NOT want a rag quilt after I had most of the squares cut so this one won’t be very interesting.

Labeling quilts to be donated

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While it was good to get a lot done last night when I couldn’t sleep – I made up for it and slept in this morning. Now I’m not tired tonight so I’m working again.

I finished the quilting on the Red and Purple rail fence, took it off the machine, trimmed it, sewed the binding on, and still not tired. So I decided to embroider my initials and the year on the back as my label.

I’d been using my sewing machine alphabet to sew initials and the year on some of my donation quilts but wasn’t crazy about how it looked. So when I saw a post by Jeanne with her morning has broken embroidery I decided that I’d label one of these next quilts by hand.

Even though my lettering needs a lot of practice I’m happier with these results than the machine lettering. This has more character!

I’ll work on hand stitching the binding down tomorrow night while I’m watching the Olympics and this will be UFO #5 finished.

Quilting makes the quilt

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Yesterday was taken up with errands and hiking and I never did get back to my quilting. I couldn’t sleep last night so around 2AM I decided to load a quilt and start quilting the red and purple rail fence.

With all the lights on in my studio I couldn’t see the quilting very well and the red thread blended in with the top. So I came downstairs this afternoon and with just the light from the windows I could see the detail of the quilting and I love it.

It’s a pantograph – the large version of Fay Feathers from Lorien Quilting and I think it looks wonderful.


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I’m curious if other bloggers print a hard copy of their blogs. I’ve always wanted to keep a journal but never got beyond a few entries. I’ve been printing my blog in sections thinking that I’ll put them together in a binder so I’ll have a permanent written record of what’s going on in my life – quilting, travels, even what I’m reading.

How about the rest of you? Are you keeping a printed copy of your blogs?

Weight loss update
I went to my Weight Watchers meeting today and in spite of being out of town for 11 days and having to eat out I lost 3 lbs in the last two weeks. That’s a total of 8.8 lbs in 4 weeks. I celebrated by going for a long hike at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.


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I finished another crocheted afghan tonight. Most of it was done in the car on my trip but it was started in October and finished up tonight watching the Olympics.

Pictured above are the three afghans I’ve finished this year. The white one is the one I just finished up.

I always have trouble taking a good picture of these – I never seem to get them to drape across something the right way so this time I just folded and stacked them together.

All three will be donated.

String Quilts

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While I was in Florida there was more discussion on the stashbuster list about string quilts so I thought I’d post 2 more string quilts that I’d made.

The lap quilt was the first one I did and after the blocks were made I sashed them with a blue fabric. The second one on the bed is a what I call self sashing. The first string placed on each block is the same blue fabric so when the blocks are sewn together it appears sashed.

I have 2 more string quilts on my UFO list that I’m anxious to work on but there are a few other projects ahead of them.


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The weather is beautiful here in South Florida. We’re having a great time walking along the beach and visiting with family.

Friday we walked the boardwalk at Hollywood beach – lots of construction going on there and half the boardwalk was roped off with the path being redone. We were able to walk from one end to the other – 4 miles. Saturday we went to Ft. Lauderdale beach and walked another 4 miles along the boardwalk and then had lunch at a place overlooking the water.

We lived in South Florida for over 9 years and in Tampa for 3 but have been in the Atlanta area for almost 4 years now. It’s interesting seeing the changes in both areas.

Today we went to Keith’s nephew’s soccer game – they lost 2-1 but his nephew scored their only goal so we got to cheer loudly. It is a beautiful day and I had a long walk with my sister-in-law after the game.

Hopefully all these walks are going to help with my weight loss goals!