I got disgusted with the braids and decided I was done. Instead of one larger quilt I cut the braids I’d made in half and am making 2 smaller donation quilts. I will never use the foundation by the yard muslin for making braids again.

I need to THINK when I pull out a UFO and not just do what was planned. Some of these have been sitting around a while and there may be changes I need to make or a better way to do something – like the braid!

I put a top and bottom border on the smallest quilt pictured above and am in the process of adding a piano key border. Neither of them will get quilted right away – I’ll let them *age* a little on the shelf.

10 thoughts on “Braids

  1. Linda_J

    Mary, it is so easy to stitch those braids as is. Makes me think that the foundation stuff is a “rip off” That is kinda what I have in mind for what the quilt group did today but more scrappy. I was given a Xerox paper box to 2 inch strips at one point so we are trying to make a dent in them and use about anything.

  2. Linda_J

    me again–can’t get the comment box to open on your previous post. I like the green quilt–very soft and feminine looking. What did you challenge your mom and sis to do?

  3. Quilty bird

    Very pretty braids, Mary. Too bad they were such a pain. I’m sure you will have them quilted while I’m still mulling over starting one.

  4. Finn

    Good plan Mary, they are really pretty and soft looking…and I’m sure much faster to piece WITHOUT the foundation…LOL

  5. Hanne

    I really like your braids :o) Over the years I have found that braids looks good mixed with just about anything, like alternated with primitive applique strips. I do mine without foundation.

  6. The Calico Cat

    Good plan & they both look nice! Are you going to border the second one differently? (Was that one getting the piano key – I read it so that the piano key would finish the bigger one…)

    BTW I have only used braids as borders – now I am seeing them as row quilts!

  7. Laurie Ann

    Well, the process might have sucked, but the end product is very nice. You are really good with your borders. I need to take lessons from you! Mine are always so boring!!

  8. cher

    good change of plan Mary! And, I agree-older ufos often did not benefit from what we know now-either on the designers part or ours. Good to step out of that box and salvage something worthy of donating.

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