The vote is in

Well the overwhelming majority said they’d just finish off the blue braid with a dark binding so I’m going to go with that. The size is fine for 2 of the organizations I donate to so I don’t need another border to make it bigger. I’ll call the top finished and put it on the shelf to age a bit.

I pulled some blue strings from my bins, added them to the leftover strips from the braid quilts, and started some string blocks. I’ll make 48 and sash them and have another donation quilt. I’ve already made 24 of the blocks so when I get back home I’ll finish them up.

We’re back at Big Canoe for the weekend and spring is starting to come to the North Georgia Mountains. We enjoyed our deck this afternoon before going out to dinner and are now ready to relax for the evening. Tomorrow we’ll take a long *training* hike.

3 thoughts on “The vote is in

  1. cher

    late as usual-your braid quilts sure came out great Mary. Enjoy the hike tomorrow! and quit tempting me about those string blocks…just kidding 🙂

  2. Chris

    I wish I could visit! How is the weather, Check out my blog, I updated it the other day!

  3. Finn

    Your decision sounds wonderful Mary, it really is a lovely top, and how sweet the little guy on the rolling chair…*VBS*

    Hope you are having a wonderful time in the mountains!

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