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T-shirt quilts

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There’s been some discussion on T-shirt quilts on the Stashbusters list so I thought I’d post the one I made (my Mom helped with the piecing) for my son Chris for his graduation from college.

I know a lot of people hate these quilts and think they’re ugly but I think they can be special for the recipient. Chris was thrilled with his and although it isn’t anything fancy it was the quilt HE wanted for graduation.

Walking the Freedom Trail

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Most of my day today was spent along the Freedom Trail in Boston. I did NOT go in each site along the trail, my main goal was to walk the Trail and back to the water taxi location to return to my hotel. I did however go into the Paul Revere house and I admit into a Borders I came across while walking. I’m sure that won’t surprise those who have been reading my blog and know that reading is a favorite activity for me. I’m feeling a little guilty for making time for the book store while passing up going into some of the sites that make up the Trail but I’d do it again so I guess I’m not too guilty.

After taking a water taxi to Long Wharf I took my first ride on the T. I wanted to visit Trinity Church and go by the Hard Rock Cafe (to pick up a T-shirt for Adam – he collects them) before starting my walk. After picking up the T-shirt, I walked to Boston Commons and began walking.

Tomorrow we head for home.


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Pam asked do I keep a suitcase packed near the door – the answer is no but I frequently don’t get completely unpacked before having to pack for another trip. One of the advantages to having a husband who travels and kids who are grown is the ability to tag along on his trips when I want to. Keith will work while we’re here but I’ll spend my days exploring the city. I don’t mind being on my own while he’s working – in fact I really enjoy it.

I brought my small digital camera but can’t transfer the photo’s to the computer so here is one I took with the phone. The skyline appears more distant in the picture than it actually is. I’m looking forward to taking a water taxi across the harbor tomorrow and spending my day wandering around.


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We’re off to Boston in the morning. I’m taking along my knitting and the blocks for my Cathedral Windows but finishing the baby afghan I’m working on will be my priority while I’m gone.

I hope it’s not too cold – we’ve had wonderful weather the last week and I’m already in Spring mode.

Baby Stripes

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I’ve mentioned before that I like to cut out more than one scrap quilt at a time. This top was a quick one to piece from strips cut when I was cutting for the Baby Cabin. I started piecing some blocks on Thursday and Saturday nights and finished the top up today.

Initially I thought I’d do a string quilt but decided that with all the strips the same width that a Roman Stripe would be a better choice. I cut my muslin squares oversized and foundation pieced the strips to half the block and trimmed to size.

The quilt is 38×45.

It’s Friday

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Thanks for all the comments on the house and yard. I’m beginning to appreciate living in this area more. I’d always viewed our move here as temporary expecting to stay 3-5 years but it’s starting to grow on me especially now that we have our mountain getaway nearby. We drove up this afternoon for a quick overnight visit. I can’t wait to see the mountains in bloom this spring.

I finished the binding on Adam’s jeans quilt on the drive up so I just have to label it and it will be ready to present to him on the 18th. I won’t post a final picture now but will wait and take one of Adam with the quilt and post that.

I wrote Wednesday about working in the yard for my Weight Watchers activity points and did the same on Thursday and today. We are having BEAUTIFUL weather and even though yard work is not my favorite I’m enjoying being outside.

Amy has been posting some pictures of quilts from the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival so I thought I would post the quilt I liked the most from the show. I didn’t take my camera but my sister Debbie took a bunch of pictures of the quilts and emailed this one to me.

Where I live

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I decided to do some yard work today instead of walking to *earn* my weight watchers activity points. Normally slave boy (Adam) would be doing this but since he moved out in November it’s left to me to rake all the pine staw out of the mondo grass.

While I was taking a picture of the work I was doing I decided to take some pictures of my daffodils in bloom (near the rocks). From there I figured I’d take some pictures of the house to share with everyone in blogland.

We live in an older neighborhood outside of Atlanta and have a beautiful corner lot. Our living room is on the second floor so between that and living up on the hill we look out over the tree tops NOT the other houses in the neighborhood.

As you can see I have plenty of raking left to do.