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It’s Friday

Thanks for all the comments on the house and yard. I’m beginning to appreciate living in this area more. I’d always viewed our move here as temporary expecting to stay 3-5 years but it’s starting to grow on me especially now that we have our mountain getaway nearby. We drove up this afternoon for a quick overnight visit. I can’t wait to see the mountains in bloom this spring.

I finished the binding on Adam’s jeans quilt on the drive up so I just have to label it and it will be ready to present to him on the 18th. I won’t post a final picture now but will wait and take one of Adam with the quilt and post that.

I wrote Wednesday about working in the yard for my Weight Watchers activity points and did the same on Thursday and today. We are having BEAUTIFUL weather and even though yard work is not my favorite I’m enjoying being outside.

Amy has been posting some pictures of quilts from the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival so I thought I would post the quilt I liked the most from the show. I didn’t take my camera but my sister Debbie took a bunch of pictures of the quilts and emailed this one to me.

Where I live

I decided to do some yard work today instead of walking to *earn* my weight watchers activity points. Normally slave boy (Adam) would be doing this but since he moved out in November it’s left to me to rake all the pine staw out of the mondo grass.

While I was taking a picture of the work I was doing I decided to take some pictures of my daffodils in bloom (near the rocks). From there I figured I’d take some pictures of the house to share with everyone in blogland.

We live in an older neighborhood outside of Atlanta and have a beautiful corner lot. Our living room is on the second floor so between that and living up on the hill we look out over the tree tops NOT the other houses in the neighborhood.

As you can see I have plenty of raking left to do.