Can anyone explain how I can have finished 4 lap sized quilts without having that pile of strips and strings on the floor decrease at all??

Actually the 4th one is not yet finished – I put the blocks together today and just have to add borders. I am thinking of a striped pieced border sandwiched between a narrow and wider blue border.

So far I’m liking the Hourglass Strings better but its not unusual for me to not be crazy about a quilt at this point in the process. I’ve learned to wait until the top is finished and if I’m still not crazy about it – give the quilting a chance. It’s amazing how much I like so-so quilts after they are quilted.

13 thoughts on “Strings

  1. Norma

    I love string quilts and the colour, blue. This one really appeals to me. Are you piecing your string quilts on a foundation?

  2. dot

    I can’t figure out how my scraps multiply either. You must really love blue, it looks really good so far.

  3. The Calico Cat

    They must be making babies while you are not looking! At least you are “sticking to it!” Have you considered “Lasagne” those seem to use it up quicker – IMHO.

  4. Patti

    I truly believe that “quilting makes the quilt” – especially when it’s a so-so top. I love seeing the play of light on the quilted part – it brings such a three-dimensional feeling to the quilt.

  5. Linda_J

    Are you sure that the scraps are not reproducing like “tribbles” overnight?

    Gotta love the spring from our previous post–Chesty sure looks like he (she?) does! I was amazed how green everything had gotten from my trek last Saturday. All the underbrush is leafed out and it is such a lovely canopy of green. Of course, it depends a bit on where you are driving around here.

  6. Finn

    It’s turning out really nicely Mary, and yes, I DO think that pile of strings and strips looks LARGER than when you started!!

  7. Sandra

    It’s the Quilting Paradox – you always end up with more than you started with LOL. Love the blue colours of these quilts. They’ll look gorgeous quilted.

  8. Hanne

    Scraps breeds by cell dividing, at night – it happens here all the time 🙂 I can relate to how you feel about the quilt at this stage. Hang in there – it will be lovely in the end !

  9. Vicky

    I love your strings! But I’ve noticed, too, that the scrap pile gets larger with each stash pile I use. A vicious circle!

  10. Patti

    They reproduce in the dark when we aren’t watching them – I know they do. At least mine certainly did when I took them to the spring quilt retreat with me!

  11. Kay

    I’ve been making string quilts too, by coincidence. Still have many, many left. Blues will be the bag I use next, I think. I like the way you put this together. I tend to cheat and use plain squares!

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