A rainy day, a hike, and a honeysuckle scented trail

No quilting today at least not so far although at 1:24am I am considering working on the string quilt borders.

I almost didn’t go for my hike today – it was rainy and cool and I thought the weather was too bad for a long hike. Luckily Keith and I were emailing back and forth about other things and he said I should go anyway. I spent 3 hours hiking along honeysuckle scented trails and came home feeling wonderful.

Another trip coming up on Friday. Keith has a meeting in San Antonio and I’m tagging along. Several years ago he worked for a company based in San Antonio but the kids weren’t old enough to be left so I never got to go with him. I haven’t been to Texas – unless you count flying through Dallas airport so I’m looking forward to the trip.

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