This is much better!

After the new carpet

Before the new carpet

Here’s a picture I posted in January of the downstairs bedroom in the condo with the new quilts – although we replaced all the carpet in the condo – the improvement was most dramatic downstairs.

10 thoughts on “This is much better!

  1. Linda_J

    Oh soooooo much better! Someone apparently like rose colored.

    Love the quilts on the beds, Mary.

  2. Patti

    Looks very nice Mary. Sure shows off those quilts better. You did a beautiful job with them.

  3. Jeanne

    Oh, wow! I’m sooo not a pink person! Big improvement 🙂
    Those log cabins look great!

  4. Laurie Ann

    That looks great! Looks like a berber? I love that kind of carpet and it is tough!

  5. ForestJane

    Yep, I agree, the log cabin quilts do look much better against your new carpeting. 😉

  6. JudyL

    What a difference! Bright and fresh and makes the quilts look so much brighter!

    Judy L.

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