Another NON quilt related post

Another weekend passed without any quilting but I am going to load one of my UFO’s on the longarm before heading out for a hike.

We had a long weekend up at Big Canoe with friends visiting from Florida. Chris also showed up for a couple days which was nice! I got to see both him and Adam in the same week.

Saturday we went for a boat ride on the lake and then on Sunday showed our friends a couple waterfalls in the area. Chesty normally HATES water but he bravely crossed this stream at one of the waterfalls to come to me.

5 Responses to “Another NON quilt related post”

  • cher:

    how fun that sounds! glad you are enjoying the outdoors and seeing both your boys is a bonus.

  • Passionate Quilter:

    wow–I sure envy you! How far is this place from your house? Is that where your condo is? I just love mountains and streams–I was born and raised in Denver and now am stuck in central Ohio–talk about a difference!

    it’s great you got to see both of your boys–and don’t worry, your quilt projects are patient, they’ll wait for whenever you decide to get back to them.

  • Linda_J:

    Karen is right–those quilting projects will wait till you are ready. Both boys in the same week?Mother’s Month, not Mother’s Day!

    Sounds like you had a great time with your boys and your friends from out of state.

  • ForestJane:

    What a courageous little dog to cross the raging waters! lol

    Georgia sure has some beautiful scenery.

  • Vicky:

    Great pictures! And brave puppy! Thanks for sharing!

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