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New floors for the bathrooms

I had to be up at 6:30AM this morning (very early for me) because I had someone coming to install new flooring in my bathrooms at the condo. Right now all three bathrooms have old carpet on the floors – yuck!

Usually I like ceramic tile in bathrooms and kitchens but decided to go with a vinyl flooring that could go over the existing vinyl that is under the carpet. I didn’t want to get into a major deal – just get something simple and clean on the floors. Next week all the old carpet will be replaced.

Here are before pictures of the 2 upstairs bathroom floors – the downstairs has the ugly pink carpet too.


No progress with my quilting but today I got my DSL set up at the condo. I had dial-up but it was so incredibly slow compared to the DSL at home that I decided to splurge and have DSL at both places.

I also set up my printer so now I can upload pictures from my digital camera when I’m here at the condo instead of having to wait until I get home.

I guess both the above show I don’t have much patience or maybe just that I’m spoiled.

To test the printer I took and uploaded a picture of the wallhanging my sister Debbie made for me. It’s not hung yet but it will be as soon as I buy the rod and get Keith to hang it for me.

Rainy Day

Thanks to a lazy rainy day I finished one of the afghans I brought to the condo to work on. It’s a diagonally knit baby afghan from a cotton variegated yarn. Next up is to work on the crocheted shell baby afghan.

I’m still not set up to post pictures from the condo but I’m one step closer. I bought a new printer for the house and brought the old one from home (this one has a card reader built in). I just need to set it up but I’m waiting until I get the DSL hooked up so it won’t take so long to download the driver from the HP site.

A busy week ahead

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday. I had planned to load and start quilting my Mom’s 4 patch this week but now it’s too late – It will have to wait another week or so. I have a busy week planned and not much time for quilting.

We’re at Big Canoe for the weekend and I’ll have to stay thru Tuesday when we’re having the new flooring put in the bathrooms. Monday I’ll have to drive back to Marietta for my mammogram and straight back here – so no time for quilting thru Tuesday.

Wednesday, my guild is having a cut-in for our Ronald McDonald quilts and then I hope to meet a friend for lunch and help her pick out fabric to coordinate with blocks her grandmother made.

Thursday, I have to clean the house, load some practice muslin on the longarm, and shop for some snacks and drinks for Friday.

Friday, I’m having my Bee group over and am going to demonstrate quilting on the longarm and let them all try it.

Then we’ll be back at Big Canoe for the weekend.

For now, I’ve brought a couple afghans I’m working on to keep my hands busy. I’m going to seriously have to think about getting a machine up here to do some piecing but I hate the thought of having to set up a second quilting area. I’d have to store everything in the guest room and set up on the dining room table when I want to sew. I guess I’ll stick to handwork and afghans.

Blue Strings top completed

I finally finished the borders on this top tonight. The borders aren’t wavy although they do look like they are in the picture – it’s just the way the top is hanging from the hooks for the photo. I’m done with blue thank goodness!

While I like this top, I learned that I prefer string quilts in multiple colors and don’t think I’ll be making another monochromatic one.

Home again

A quiet section of the river beyond the busy Riverwalk area
San Antonio Central Library
Southwest School of Arts and Crafts
Riverwalk during a quiet time of day.
I enjoyed the San Antonio trip but am glad to be home.

Highlights were visiting the Southwest School of Arts and Crafts along Riverwalk, the Riverwalk itself, the library, the Alamo of course, and finding a quiet stretch of the river away from the riverwalk area to walk along.

What I’m reading

It’s been a while since I posted the books I’ve been reading but since I’m still out of town and haven’t been working on a quilt I’ll post my vacation reading. And yes, I’ve read all these books since Friday!

A Lady Raised High: A Novel of Anne Boleyn Laurien Gardner
Very good – I enjoy historical fiction.

Alone Lisa Gardner
I enjoyed this mystery and see that she’s written a bunch of other ones. I may have read some but I’m going to check them out and will order the ones I haven’t read. I’m always looking for new (to me) authors and love it when I find a bunch of books I haven’t read yet.

Sullivan’s Justice Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Another mystery, my favorite genre, this one was good – not great but I enjoyed it.

Kill Me Stephen White
One of my favorite authors. Again, this book was good but not great. If you’ve never read him start with one of his other books.