Super Simple Strips

I love seeing different versions of a particular quilt pattern. I was reading Vicky’s blog and saw she had posted her version of this quilt and decided I’d post mine too. This quilt was given to my sister-in-law last year.

10 thoughts on “Super Simple Strips

  1. ForestJane

    I agree, the colors are wonderful. The more I see pink and beige to brown quilts the more I think I’ll have to make one myself. 🙂

  2. The Calico Cat

    Lovely – almost makes me want ot start in on my pink and brown quilt – almost!

  3. Vicky

    Wow, I love your quilt! Great colors! And it’s finished! I think you just kicked me into piecing the back and getting it to the quilter.

    Thanks for sharing. I love it!


  4. Laurie Ann

    I’ve seen several quilts that color on our ring and I just have to make one! I am putting pink and brown on my fabric list for the shop hop next week for sure!

  5. Evelyn aka Starfishy

    Wow! Your color choices and placement worked out to be a stunning quilt!



  6. Esteemarlu

    I hope you don’t mind me dropping by. I’m new to Blogger.What a beautiful quilt. It reminds me of Napoleon ice cream. I’ll have to figure it out to make one.

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