Mom’s quilt

I finished quilting a top for my Aunt last week and today I’m loading this top of my Mom’s. The block is called Honeybee and she used a beautiful set of fat quarters. After quilting this top, I still have one each of my Aunt’s and my Mom’s waiting to be quilted.

14 Responses to “Mom’s quilt”

  • Gail:

    OOOOHH, Mary – tell your mother that the top is absolutely gorgeous! How do you plan to quilt it (quilting design)?

  • anne bebbington:

    Honey bee is just my favourite block – love your mom’s quilt :o)

  • Laurie:

    Great quilt by your mom! And, moving to Mpls???? MN is home for me! IF you do move there you will be blessed by a LOT of AWESOME quilt stores there!

  • Laurie:

    OH, and Mary, I’m not sure wehre you DH would be working…but you probably have to go out to the suburbs for more space…especially with having a longarm. The good news, GREAT bus schedules!!

  • Darlene - Dazed Quilter:

    Mary – your Mom’s quilt is absolutely beautiful.

  • Linda_J:

    What a gorgeous quilt, Mary–her fabric choices and your quilting.

    I recognize the block but have seen it with a nine patch in the middle. This is so much better to allow her to showcase the fabric more–smaller pieces would not have allowed that.

  • quiltpixie:

    the quilt is beautful… love the assortment of fabrics

  • dot:

    What a neat quilt. Your Mom’s fabric and color choices are wonderful. This will be a well cherished quilt.

  • Norma:

    This quilt is breathtaking!

  • Hanne:

    Lovely quilt ! I have always liked that block and it is fun to do.

  • Passionate Quilter:

    what a lovely quilt–it will be fun to quilt for you. How do you plan on quilting it?

  • cher:

    what a fun quilt- I am sure your mom will be thrilled to have it quilted now. I sure hope you will have room for your longarm in your new home!

  • The Calico Cat:

    Nice quilt! How are you going to quilt it? Are those “wings” hand appliqued… So much work… (Sayeth the lady who spent yesterday cutting 1 inch strips!)

  • JudyL:

    Hey, I missed this quilt. It’s pretty . . looks BIG!! Will you show us a picture after it’s quilted?

    Judy L.

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