Heading home

My brother is back from his vacation and I’m heading home tomorrow.

It’s about a 10 hour drive and I will be driving PAST Mary Jo’s in Gastonia WITHOUT stopping. How’s that for dedication to stashbusting?

5 Responses to “Heading home”

  • Passionate Quilter:

    way to go Mary! I’m headed home Tuesday and have opted to not go that way as to not tempt me! You are my strength! I’ll not stop either!

  • Esteemarlu:

    Have fun at Joanne’s. I read your post on your reading and had to laugh because I also need a weekly B/N fix. I am a book freak. You want to hear about forgetting,three weeks ago I bought two books and yesterday I went to B/N and bought the same two books again.I can’t believe I did that. I will have to go back tomorrow and return them for others.

  • Screen Door:

    Remember there’s nothing wrong with window shopping!!!!

  • Karen:

    Nuts, I’ve never been there; wish you could stop for me :-).

  • Linda_J:

    From what I have heard about the place, I should be very impressed about your will power and dedication to stash busting. That and you will be moving and it would mean more to pack!

    I cannot drive by Hancock’s of Paducah without wanting to stop—key word: wanting. It is right on our way back “home” to IL but DJ is always “pedal to the medal” and I don’t even ask.

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