Mom’s Honeybee Quilt

I finished quilting Mom’s top today and got it unloaded and trimmed. It’s all ready to ship back to her but I’ll wait until I quilt the top she made for my niece and send them both back together.

17 thoughts on “Mom’s Honeybee Quilt

  1. Screen Door

    Mary, your Mom will love it! you’ve real done a good job. I like the way you custom quilted it versus one all over pattern. How long have you been long arm quilting?

  2. quiltpixie

    your mom’s quilt turned out beautifully. The seperate quilting on the sashing adds a lot.

  3. Evelyn aka Starfishy

    Very beautiful – you 2 are a great team! Do you worry about sending 2 quilts in the same box in case it gets lost? When I packed my suitcases to come back to North America I put a few tops in each one… just in case.



  4. Linda_J

    Those vine-y leaves looks wonderful in there and well worth the time you took on the re-do! Will you post a picture of your niece’s quilt before you load it or wait for the after shot?

  5. Passionate Quilter

    Wow, that quilt sure did turn out nice. You did a great job on the quilting, and it enhances the quilt so nicely.

  6. Marcie

    Nice job on the quilting, Mary! Your mom will be delighted! My daughter needs to learn to do that!

  7. Sølvi

    Your mom’s honeybee-quilt is the most beautiful quilt i have ever seen. Can you please ask her if she minds if it gets a sister here in Norway?


  8. ForestJane

    Very nice honeybee quilt! I like all the leaves in the sashing you’ve quilted too, great job!

  9. floribunda

    Mary, the quilt is beautiful and the quilting is fab! I’d love to see it in person…


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