Mom’s Honeybee Quilt

I finished quilting Mom’s top today and got it unloaded and trimmed. It’s all ready to ship back to her but I’ll wait until I quilt the top she made for my niece and send them both back together.

17 Responses to “Mom’s Honeybee Quilt”

  • Patti:

    Looks just terrific Mary!

  • The Calico Cat:

    Nice job!

  • Screen Door:

    Mary, your Mom will love it! you’ve real done a good job. I like the way you custom quilted it versus one all over pattern. How long have you been long arm quilting?

  • quiltpixie:

    your mom’s quilt turned out beautifully. The seperate quilting on the sashing adds a lot.

  • Hanne:

    The quilt looks even more beautiful with your quilting 🙂

  • Evelyn aka Starfishy:

    Very beautiful – you 2 are a great team! Do you worry about sending 2 quilts in the same box in case it gets lost? When I packed my suitcases to come back to North America I put a few tops in each one… just in case.



  • Linda_J:

    Those vine-y leaves looks wonderful in there and well worth the time you took on the re-do! Will you post a picture of your niece’s quilt before you load it or wait for the after shot?

  • Lisa D.:

    Wow, that’s a really beautiful quilt! I love the colors she used.

  • Mama Koch:

    This is a beautiful quilt. You’ve done a good job of quilting, and the colors!

  • Sweet P:

    Your mom’s quilt looks even more exquisite with your quilting! Outstanding!

  • Passionate Quilter:

    Wow, that quilt sure did turn out nice. You did a great job on the quilting, and it enhances the quilt so nicely.

  • Darlene - Dazed Quilter:

    Mary, your mom’s quilt is beautiful. The quilting is wonderful.

  • Marcie:

    Nice job on the quilting, Mary! Your mom will be delighted! My daughter needs to learn to do that!

  • Carolyn:

    The quilting really complements the quilt. It’s just beautiful!


  • Sølvi:

    Your mom’s honeybee-quilt is the most beautiful quilt i have ever seen. Can you please ask her if she minds if it gets a sister here in Norway?


  • ForestJane:

    Very nice honeybee quilt! I like all the leaves in the sashing you’ve quilted too, great job!

  • floribunda:

    Mary, the quilt is beautiful and the quilting is fab! I’d love to see it in person…


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