I should meander more quilts – this went fast. The colors in the picture are more true than the one I posted this morning. It’s quilted with a maroon thread that blended with the fabric so you see texture not the thread.

14 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Linda_J

    Happy Dancing for you, Mary! Now that box can go off to your mom with her honeybee in it?

  2. dot

    I really like this quilt. Now I know what the VT us for. I was thinking maybe the initials of the recepient. She will love this quilt.

  3. Sweet P

    Your niece’s bed is going to be the envy of everyone in her dorm with that gorgeous quilt!

  4. EileenKNY

    I agree, Mary. Allover meandering is so easy and quick. Plus, it’s a beautiful quilt. I’m sure she’ll love it.
    Silly me. I thought the initials stood for Vermont. Duh.

  5. Cynthia

    The quilt is lovely. I tend to do a lot of meandering when i do my quilts. It’s so quick and easy.

  6. deputyswife

    Mary, Would you be willing to share this pattern? I have two graduation quilts to make next year. One for our babysitter and another for the girl I interpret for. I love this pattern!


  7. Susan

    Beautiful quilt. I’m not crazy about yellow, but in this quilt, it’s a perfect foil for the burgandy.

  8. KCQuilter

    Wow, what a beautiful, rich-looking quilt. The colors are so warm and luscious. Job well done!

  9. Vicky

    Laura’s quilt is wonderful! She’s going to be the envy of her school friends!

    And now that I’m catching up, your Mom’s honeybee quilt is stunning! I’ve definitely put that on my to-do list! Did she hand applique the leaves? It’s gorgeous!


  10. Ama

    Just in case anyone is looking for the pattern, it is School Spirit from Quiltmaker, Sept/Oct 2001 #81. Quiltmaker has a “web extra” where you can download the letters in a pdf file. I have been collecting just the right shades of green and blue to do make this quilt ever since I saw it a couple years ago.

    Mary, the quilt is beautiful. Both you and your mother do wonderful work.

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