Hexagon Flowers

I’m making progress on my 3 tasks. Last night I got the binding made and machine stitched down on the wedding quilt. I even had the label made so I sewed it into the corner as I was putting the binding on. Now I just have to hand stitch them down.

Since I can’t show a picture of that quilt I’ll show one of my other UFO’s I’m working on. I love making Hexagon flowers as a take along project but will NEVER make a traditional grandmother’s flower garden quilt.

I had intended to set these flowers with an alternate block that would create a chain but then I saw a strippie quilt in one of the Australian magazines and decided to go with that setting. I don’t have much of the pink and cream fabric so it will be a lap size donation quilt and I probably have enough flowers already made. I need to make the leaves and then stitch it all down.

19 thoughts on “Hexagon Flowers

  1. Darlene - Dazed Quilter

    Mary, They are soooo cute. I was considering doing the flowers with just one round, like yours and may still do that. I love your plan. I’m not sure what color to use so for now I’m using Rhubarb and Ginger with black center and doing two rounds. Probably would have looked adorable with one round, too. Decisions, decisions. LOL

    This was my first attempt and if I could stop agonizing about it I might actually get hooked. LOL

  2. Passionate Quilter

    so pretty, some little girl is going to love that! I have a GFG from my grandmother because I don’t think I would do one myself. I have one almost done the I made flowers like yours and then set them inside the empty blocks of an Irish chain. Still working on the border–or more correctly, it’s waiting on me to do the border!

  3. Gail

    I like the hexagon flowers, it will make up into a really cute quilt-however, I confess, I like the pup even better!

  4. Karen

    Is Chesty for Chester? He knows a pretty quilt when he sees one. Oh, Mary, go ahead and make a GFG so we can enjoy it vicariously through you. It would only be like ten thousand teenie pieces, right??

  5. ForestJane

    Awww, your model just makes the quilt. 🙂

    I agree, making a whole GFG is something I’d never do – but I like the little ones there in the border!

  6. Susan H.

    Love the colors in the quilt. Despite what my sister thinks, I really don’t hate bright fabrics, it’s just that the brown/blacks SPEAK to me right now.

  7. Susan

    Cute. You applique the flowers down? I’ve been working on my GFG for about . . . 16 years? But it will get finished, if I live long enough. =)

  8. ruth

    Love the flowers, what a good idea setting them in blocks – if I ever get around to hexagons – what with so many other projects on the list – I’ll definately be doing that way. Thanks for the inspiration

  9. Cynthia

    your hexagons are lovely. I haven’t made them before but i might just put it on my “to do” list.

  10. Pam

    So how long do we have to wait to see the wedding quilt? Just call the kids and tell them NOT to look at your blog…yeah, like that would work!

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