Another UFO

I was looking for a backing for another quilt yesterday and came across this blue that was perfect for some nine patch blocks that have been sitting around forever. After a 10 mile hike yesterday afternoon I got the blue cut and laid out the blocks for a small donation quilt.

We’re off to Kingsland, GA for a bridal shower for Becky. Keith is coming along for the 5 and 1/2 hour drive and we’ll take the kids out to dinner tonight before heading back in the morning.

23 Responses to “Another UFO”

  • Darlene - Dazed Quilter:

    Mary, here we go again. This is too funny! Just last night a friend and I were discussing the fact that I’d never made a nine patch quilt – with either a straight or on point setting. Opened up your blog and there’s one. LOL I love it!

  • Linda_J:

    That blue is perfect with the blocks, Mary—it was meant to be!

  • Carolyn:

    This is beautiful,I love the blue with the bright nine patches. Have fun with your family!


  • Norma:

    I love your choice of blue fabric! It really sets those nine patches off. It would seem that we all have some nine patches lurking somewhere in our studios! *VBG*

  • Nancy:

    The blue is good with those blocks. Will have another lovely quilt.

    Have fun at the shower and be careful on the road.

  • Gail:

    You are right, the blue is just right for those blocks- good catch! You might have just passed that by in your search for backing, I probably would have.

  • Cynthia:

    Your quilt is very nice. Like the blue fabric you have chosen.

  • quiltpixie:

    looks like you went to the fabric store and chose oh so carefully! Hope you enjoy the drive and family time that creates.

  • Melzie:

    Very nicely sets off the 9 patches, great choice! xoxo melzie

  • cher:

    hurray for finding the perfect fabric and enough of it to make this quilt top sing. enjoy the shower and fun time with the kids.

  • Hanne:

    First a 10 mile hike and then a lot of cutting. You sure are fit 🙂 The quilt is looking good !

  • Vicky:

    Another great quilt! Love the blue!

  • Jan Mac:

    Another lovely quilt almost finished. Doesn’t it feel great when you find such perfect fabric in the stash

  • ForestJane:

    Ohh, that’s a perfect blue for the nine patches, isn’t it?

    I can just see this being some little boy’s quilt, it’d be good for marching action figures across the squares… 🙂

  • EileenKNY:

    That blue sets off the blocks perfectly. Have you decided on a border yet?

  • Bonnie:

    The blue looks wonderful with your colorful nine-patches. Will there be a border also?

  • Patti:

    Perfect alternate fabric. Very old looking!

  • Sandra:

    That blue background is just perfect. I really LOVE 9-patches on point 🙂

  • Passionate Quilter:

    The blue makes those 9-patches pop! Great job in using up more stash! You totally sound like me–looking for one thing, find something else and pretty soon you are on a total different track!

  • Lisa D.:

    That blue is just perfect with those 9-patches – beautiful!

  • Tazzie:

    That blue really is perfect for those nine patches! Good on your for getting some exercise … I’m such a lazy bones, I don’t think I’d ever make it thru 10 miles!

  • Laurie:

    The blue really makes it pop, Mary. Nice work!

  • Evelyn aka Starfishy:

    I have a stack of 9 patches that I’ve been playing around with – and I am going to set mine like yours too – in blue! About that big and then with a row with white for the background and a final row with red for the background. Changing the background color will give it the appearance of a border – a good trick for someone who struggles with borders (that would be me!). So, of course I just love this quilt! I just have to get blue fabric…



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