Home from Seattle

I didn’t get any quilting or piecing done today but I did work on some quilt related activities. I worked with some members of my bee group showing them how to resize and upload pictures to the guild’s picturetrail account and then we met up with other members of our group.

They treated me to lunch and gave me a gift certificate for a quilt shop in Minneapolis as a goodbye present. Although I’m not moving yet I will only be able to attend one more meeting before leaving so it was really nice to see them all.

We had a great time in Seattle and did lots of walking around the city. On Saturday, Keith and I took a walk on the Elliott Bay Trail. In this picture we were heading back to the city – it was beautiful!

11 thoughts on “Home from Seattle

  1. Susan

    When is the move? And where? How lovely that you got to spend today with them, and what a nice parting gift.

  2. Linda_J

    That was a sweet thing for the girls to do! Is Glad Creations up in Minneapolis or one of the burbs? Or something for you to scout out later?

  3. Sweet P

    What a nice gift. What quilt shop is it for? That is a great picture of Seattle. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Marcie

    Great photo, Mary. Seattle area is a beautiful place. That trail looks relatively flat–not a common thing in that area!

  5. cher

    I am sure your friends will miss you a lot..lots of packing ahead for you and such. Have you set a moving date yet?

  6. EileenKNY

    When are you moving, Mary? It will work out, you’ll feel at home quickly-just find your local quilt shop. Plus you’ll have all your online blogging buddies to fall back on.
    Nice that your vacation was good, and you got to spend some time with your hubby.

  7. Laurie

    Mary, what were you doing in our neck of the woods? You certainly had gorgeous weather while you were here. (Yes, it WAS chilly! I was thinking on Saturday morning that I could really feel fall on the way.

    Laurie in Seattle

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