Quilt Pink and Judy’s 1 hour Quilt

August is almost over and that means I can get ready to start a new quilt. I’ll probably run right to the bookstore too and buy a bunch of quilt books just to make up for the month without any. I don’t think I will challenge myself to not buy books again however not starting a new project was good for me.

I’ve been wanting to do both Judy’s 1 hour quilt and make a quilt for Quilt Pink. Since I’ve got limited time in September for quilting I’m going to combine both and make the 1 hour quilt out of my pink fat quarters and donate it. I’ll have to buy some of one of the pink fabrics for a border but I already have the fat quarters and background so it will be mostly from stash. Now if I can just finish piecing the Nine patch top before I start my 1 hour Pink Quilt I’ll feel like I actually accomplished something with my August Challenge.

16 Responses to “Quilt Pink and Judy’s 1 hour Quilt”

  • quiltpixie:

    The FQ on the far right back of the picture looks so fun… I love the swirls mixed in with the other pieces of the design.

  • Tazzie:

    I really love those pink fq’s. Promise to show us your quilt in progress, I’ll love to see it!

  • Hedgehog:

    Those pinks are great!

  • JudyL:

    Nice choices! I’ve loved what everyone has done for the Quilt for an Hour project and yours is going to be great . . and going to a great cause. Thanks, Mary! You’re so generous!!

    Judy L.

  • Andrea:

    Those FQ’s are pretty. I thought they were orange at first, just the way they show up on my screen.

  • Hanne:

    I am looking forward to see your quilt 🙂 The FQs looks orange from here.

  • Ruth:

    Can’t wait to see the quilt, the FQs are very cute.

  • Evelyn aka Starfishy:

    That is a fun collection of fat quarters – glad you found a plan for them!



  • Linda_J:

    on my monitor they almost look coral but that is not a bad thing! Very pretty.

  • Gail:

    The FQs look great, but I do so love your 9 patch; 9 patches are somehow homey to me. Is your move going to give you time to do all this-when do you move?

  • Suze:

    Great fabrics……….Pinks are such fun to work with……….Looking forward to seeing it complete…VBG

  • Susan:

    Great idea to do the combination – look forward to seeing it. =)

  • Patti:

    Funny – they look orange on my monitor! A wonderful selection of fabrics and a great goal. I need to make some “quilt pink” blocks from my stash this month – we are having a “sew in” on Sept. 30th to construct the top.

  • cher:

    yep, I am doing Quilt Pink too- with the collection of squares I bought way back in the spring. My local quilt shop will be hosting a sew in too..so many good causes to sew for..but gotta do this one. I am sure yours will turn out great-good idea to combine them that way!

  • Joanne:

    Great idea combining the 1 hour quilt and quilt pink — and I like your fabric choices.

  • ForestJane:

    Wow, I really like all those pinks! That’s going to make a smashing pink quilt – and it won’t be a pastel washed out pink either!

    Looking forward to seeing how this one goes together. 🙂

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