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Finished the first task

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The borders are on the blue/green scrap quilt. This is a donation quilt that was pieced from 2.5 inch strips. I’m not sure it doesn’t have too many light fabrics but I worked with what I had left. I think the first one I made from my Red/Purple strips turned out better – the rail fence pattern is more defined in that version.

This is another UFO and I don’t even remember what I had originally planned to use these strips for but when my Mom needed some blue and green 2.5 inch strips for a quilt for her sister’s grandson, we picked over the best strips and used them for that quilt first. I’m slowly gathering some strips in sizes I commonly use so the unused strips went into the bin with my other 2.5 inch strips.

The top will go on the shelf to age a while since I have a few waiting in line for quilting.

I was going to crop more of my mess out of this picture but I noticed Chesty was watching me from the bottom left corner so I left him in.

What I’m reading

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Covenant by Naomi Ragen
In view of the situation in the Middle East this book is especially poignant. I haven’t read any of the other books by this author but I will look for and read some of her previous ones now.

Looking for Peyton Place by Barbara Delinsky
I like books by Delinsky – she writes about relationships. In this book it’s the relationship and resentments between 3 sisters that interested me. With my Mom getting older and having some health issues I saw some parallels between the sisters in this book and my relationship with my 3 sisters.

The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver
The plot is somewhat odd but I like books by Kingsolver – I didn’t realize until I wrote this post that this book is from 1998 – I’m not sure how I missed it when it first came out.

The Courts of Love: The Story of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Jean Plaidy
I like historical fiction – this is one of many written by Plaidy and I enjoyed it.


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My to do list
The next couple weeks are going to be busy with a overnight trip for a wedding shower, a 5 day trip to Seattle, and miles to hike to continue my preparation for the Breast Cancer 3 day walk.

My quilting goals during that time are to:

  1. bind and label the wedding quilt
  2. load my aunt’s top on the longarm and start quilting it
  3. put borders on the scrappy blue and green rail fence that I worked on last week at Mom’s

I didn’t get started today because I needed to walk 13 miles to keep up with my training. I didn’t feel well enough to be out on the trail so I broke down and did all 13 miles on the treadmill – 10 this afternoon and the final 3 after dinner. I think as the training miles increase I’ll have to do more of them here at home.


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I head back home in the morning and hopefully the delay for screening at the airport won’t be too bad. I fly back to Atlanta through the Newport News/ Williamsburg airport which is pretty small (although it’s gotten really busy in the last year or so) and I’m planning to carry on only my book and purse. Of course just because I’m not carrying on a ton of baggage that has to be screened doesn’t mean everyone else won’t!

Judy posted how much she dislikes flying but luckily I don’t mind it. I love to travel and with all my family living some distance and Keith traveling frequently for work I usually fly at least once or twice a month. People always tell me how much they hate the airport in Atlanta but it’s been been our *home* airport for the last 4 years and when you’re used to flying out of there it doesn’t seem so crazy. However, I’m sure the delays out of Atlanta will be bad until the threat level goes back down. Maybe things will settle down before we fly to Seattle on the 23rd.

Working on another UFO

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Thanks for the comments about my Mom. She had her cataract surgery this morning and did fine. She’s resting quietly today because she’s a little woozy from the medication they gave her and I worked some on another UFO.

I’m not as organized as some other members of our group with my scraps but when I’m cutting for a scrap quilt I do try to think ahead 2 or 3 quilts and cut for more than one at a time. Before leaving home Saturday, I grabbed my blue and green strips that have been waiting to be made into a donation quilt.

The strips I’m using have been picked over a couple times and so far I’m not liking the combination as well as I thought I would. I’m just using a simple 2 rail fence pattern like this one made from the leftovers of a quilt I made for Becky (Chris’ fiance).

I’m back in Virginia/What I’m reading

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I flew back to Mom’s on Saturday and for the last few days I’ve visited with Mom and my sister.

Ann has been working on a wall-hanging that she wasn’t completely happy with so we looked through Mom’s books and found some additional applique to add to it. She finished the wall-hanging before she left for home today and seemed to be happy with it now.

Mom has cataract surgery tomorrow so we’ll be up and out of the house early. When we get back I hope to get to work on another UFO I brought with me.

The latest books I’ve read:

Angels Fall by Nora Roberts
Break No Bones: A Temperance Brennan Novel by Kathy Reichs
Vanishing Point by Marcia Muller

I liked the novels by Reichs and Muller and I was disappointed in the Nora Roberts one. I don’t expect a lot from Nora Roberts – usually just an light entertaining read but this one was just OK.

Just one more post before I get off the computer

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I finally caught up, visited everyone’s blogs and just have to post one more picture.

Patti posted several pictures of scrap quilts on her blog, I have many of the same books and loved them all. I also have a quilt made for me by my Mom from one of the patterns she showed. It goes perfectly over the quilt on my guest bed.

By the way, the quilt on this bed is the same color scheme as the wedding quilt that I’m not going to post a picture of – yet.


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All these challenges going on this month have got me thinking. I’m already on minimal buying for fabric – mainly just backgrounds and borders when needed for a specific project but I read that someone added books to their challenge. Now that’s one I can stand to participate in.

Cher and Hanne have also made personal challenges so I’ll jump in too. Right now the two hardest things for me are limiting my quilt book purchases and NOT beginning new projects (I’ve got a set of fat quarters sitting on my cutting table just calling my name).

So my personal challenge for August will be to not purchase any quilt books and to not start any new projects. If it goes well I may even extend it into September. I think I’m going to go move those fat quarters – hopefully out of sight will be out of mind.


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I finished quilting the wedding quilt today and it’s off the machine and trimmed. Just have to bind it and make a label and that will be one more thing checked off my list.

Next up is a top my Aunt Nancy sent me to quilt. I’m going to quilt feather wreaths in the plain blocks but I’m not sure what to do in the borders. I’m thinking about feathers – I’d like to quilt half the feather in the dark and half in the light in two of them but there are 4 borders. What would I put in the other two? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Another 10 miles and progress on Chris’ quilt

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To respond to recent comments about my hiking, I’m still preparing for the Breast Cancer 3 day walk in October so regardless of the weather I feel I have to be out there *training*. It’s tough with the heat and humidity but I drink LOTS of water.

Keith has been out of town since Monday morning and was waiting for me today when I got in from another 10 mile hike. He took me to dinner at one of my favorite places – PF Chang’s – and because it was unexpected it was especially nice!

I’ve only got about 1/4 of the quilting left on the Wedding Quilt – this pantograph is taking a little longer than usual but I like how it’s looking.

I won’t post a picture of the quilt so it will be somewhat of a surprise but Chris does know the color scheme – scrappy red/beige – and the pattern – double 4 patch – so I’ll post my EQ5 drawing of the quilt. You’ll have to image the quilt as scrappy and the lights ranging from cream to tan. I like quilts without borders and this one doesn’t have one. To see this in green – check out Mom’s version that I quilted for her a month or so ago.