Autumn top finished

I’m disappointed in this picture but I can’t seem to get a one that’s any better. There’s not nearly as much contrast in the pieced border as it appears in this picture.

I love this top! It’s going to be a beautiful quilt and it’s a nice size at 65×83. Although I’ve been using stash to piece backs for all my recent quilts, I’m going to run out and buy some flannel for the back of this one.

I had intended to put this one on the shelf before quilting but I decided with a flannel back, this quilt will be perfect to take to Minneapolis for our temporary apartment. I’ve got another Autumn quilt at the condo that I finished last year that also has a flannel back so if I take both of them – Keith and I will both have toasty sofa quilts at the apartment.

Just in case someone hasn’t seen the previous post about this quilt – it’s based on a pattern at Bonnie Hunter’s site called Pineapple Blossom. I made more blocks, didn’t set mine with sashing and my borders are different but the inspiration and block are from Bonnie.

26 Responses to “Autumn top finished”

  • Beth:

    I love that quilt! Very nice colors.


  • Lisa D.:

    So beautiful Mary – nice job!

  • JudyL:

    Mary, that quilt seems almost luminous in the picture. I love it. Your borders are perfect. Is the narrow border a striped fabric or is it pieced?

    Judy L.

  • Norma:

    I love your version of Pineapple Blossom–minus the sashing. This will be a nice quilt to cuddle on the couch with this winter.

  • anne bebbington:

    Mary – your quilt has turned out so fine – the borders are absolutely perfect – couldn’t be better :o)

  • Tazzie:

    Hi Mary, your quilt top looks just lovely, I really like the way you’ve done the borders, they set the blocks off perfectly!

  • Jan Mac:

    I love this autumn quilt Mary and it will be lovely to snuggle with. The colours are so vibrant.

  • Linda_J:

    I bet this is a pattern that you will come back to, Mary. Everyone I have seen have turned out so well.

    The ones I assembled for the Belles I DID sash but that was a much to fudge in the variances in seam allowances between all the machines involved as any thing else. But they look terrific, with or without!

    Flannel definitely so you will have his and hers quilts to snuggle under. Can’t wait to see how you end up quilting this!

  • Carolyn:

    Mary, this quilt turned out stunning! I’d quilt it right away too, it’s just perfect.

  • Evelyn aka Starfishy:

    Little Boy just loves soft, snuggly flannel or fleece! Perfect choice for a backing for a fall quilt. It came out very lovely! Neat to see the “full” photo in addition to the blocks photo you posted earlier.



  • Sweet P:

    That is one truly awesome quilt. You will have many new friends in Minnesota that will ooh and aal over it.

  • Darlene - Dazed Quilter:

    Stunning autumn quilt and will be perfect for the cold nights in Minnesota.

  • Marcie:

    Wow! That is the perfect Minnesota fall quilt! Will you be there in time to see the coordinating trees?

  • Bonnie:

    It is stunningly beautiful. It is disappointing when the picture is not as good as the real thing, but it sure looks wonderful to me.

  • tami:

    Beautiful quilt. I like the way you did the colors and the different pattern created by leaving out the sashing.

  • Passionate Quilter:

    that turned out great Mary–and way to go using all your stash! You deserve to buy a nice piece of flannel for the back. I think fall quilts just begged to be backed with flannel. And you and Keith definitely want to have your own quilts!

  • Anonymous:

    Love the quilt. You’re really good with color coordinating. It can take me hours to make a final selection of colors to use. Is this a skill that comes naturally to you?

  • Jodie:

    Mary I love autumn colours but never would have thought to include purple. It works so well. It really is lovely.


  • May Britt:

    This is a lovely quilt. I have printed this pattern and it will go in my “want to do someday” box.
    You have chosen beautiful colours.

  • Anonymous:

    I like it, especially the inner border!

  • Hanne:

    What a lovely autumn quilt Mary 🙂
    The wedding quilt is also a stunner and it is a wonderful gift indeed !

  • ForestJane:

    That’s just beautiful – both the pineapple blossom one AND the wedding quilt!

  • Susan:

    Another beauty! I love the way the colors turned out in the final quilt. The design just spins.

  • cher:

    Mary, this is a glorious quilt- I am so happy to read that you are going to put flannel on the back and use it! it will be so warm and snuggly…it turned out so so beautiful.

  • Anonymous:

    Gosh that’s gorgeous. One of the prettiest I’ve seen.
    Sheila in Ohio

  • Katie:

    I love your Autumn Pineapple quilt! It is gorgeous! Will you send a picture to Bonnie so she can show it off for you too? I’m sure she would love to see it. Thanks for taking the time to share your work.

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