Another Dog Sweater

I had planned to make Chesty a turtleneck sweater out of this yarn but realized the pattern called for a different weight yarn so I made him another hoodie – I made this one longer both on the back and the chest.

These are fun and easy to make – I’ve already bought some green yarn to try that turtleneck next!

9 thoughts on “Another Dog Sweater

  1. Laurie Ann

    That Chesty is like a fashion model. He’s saying, “Let me lay on this couch and look all sexy in my new sweater.” He’s going to be one well-dressed doggie this winter!

  2. ForestJane

    I think red is definitely his color… lol.

    Maybe something sporty in rugby stripes next? Or red, white, and green for the holiday season? Or… since you’re making them so quickly, an orange one with black ribbing and a hood with horns for Halloween devil-doggie…. lol

  3. May Britt

    He is so cute. Perhaps you are going to make him a dress for christmas too. Does he accept to wear them? I guess he likes that it keeps him warm.

  4. cher

    come on Mary, you could easily make it larger and have one for yourself! -you know I am teasing you…but truly I know you could do it.

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