27 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Bingo~Bonnie

    Congratulations Mary!!! We are all so proud of you!!! Now go get yourself a pedicure :c) you deserve to pamper those feet! ~Bonnie

  2. DubiQuilts

    Congratulations! Please tell what was it like. I can not do the walk but donated for family in honor and memory of.

  3. Gail

    Mary, I drove past allll those walkers taking my mother to the doctor on Friday morning on Northpoint Pkwy- she didn’t quite understand about the walk, but did understand the breast cancer part. I kept telling her that I ‘knew’ at least one person walking in it. She couldn’t get over how many there were, do you have any numbers? It looked to be a couple hundred. GREAT JOB!

  4. soccertxi

    Mary, we are so proud of you! How was the sleeping on the ground?? I bet you were happy to see your own bed. WTG!

  5. Patti

    I knew you would do it. We are all incredibly proud of you. You trained for this just like an Olympic athlete, and I know it was as important to you as the Olympics are to them. What a tremendous accomplishment!

  6. Sheila

    Spectacular achievement, Mary! A great pic with a smile that says it all, too. Your aunt would be as proud as all of us are!

  7. Tazzie

    Congratulations Mary! Well done, great job on your wonderful achievement. Your Aunt would be so proud of you!
    *huge hugs*

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