A walk in the woods

I should have spent the afternoon packing or quilting but instead I took a 6 mile walk in the woods and this time I brought my camera along.

I’ll miss these trails.

16 Responses to “A walk in the woods”

  • Gail:

    When do you move north

  • Jeanne:

    What a beautiful walk. The deer is lovely!

  • Jodie:

    What beautiful colours.


  • Bingo~Bonnie:

    Oh Mary thank You for sharing your photos from your walk with us!!! I so miss seeing the fall colors – leaves do not change colors where I live in TX. 🙁 That photo of the deer is great!!! ~Bonnie

  • Susan:

    Gorgeous photos. The packing and quilting will still be there.

  • Cynthia:

    what a beautiful place for a walk. I would love to be there. The colors of trees are just lovely.

  • ForestJane:

    So pretty!

    Our leaves are finally turning too, just in time for November. 🙂

  • May Britt:

    Beautiful photos. In norway we have snow. A lot of snow. I will take some photos today when the sun i shining. Yesterday we had a snow storm.

  • anne bebbington:

    that deer featured high on the aaaah factor as DD2 looked in over my shoulder – I’m sure you will find trails equally beautiful if different once you’re moved :o)

  • Screen Door:

    Beautiful snapshots. But I just know you’re the kind of person that will find good where ever you are. I can picture you with some of those ‘high tech snow shoes’ real soon. Even though you have to leave now….wouldn’t it have been a shame to never have spent time in Georgia? You’re going to do great….

  • Anonymous:

    You will have new trails & they will be nice too!

  • Laurie Ann:

    Going from that to the big city is going to be hard, no doubt. But you’ll find different things to enjoy there. I am impressed that you want to do any hiking after that 60 miles!!! 🙂

  • Linda_J:

    Lovely day here for a walk though we didn’t go near 6 miles, LOL–try closer to 2. Gotta love the 60s and no humidity to speak of after those hot steamy summer days we deal with in the SE, right?

  • Bonnie:

    Beautiful pictures. I wish I had been on that walk with you!

  • Samantha:

    Wow, I’d miss them too. Lovely- thanks for sharing!

  • Esteemarlu:

    What a beautiful scene. What beautiful tree colors. I wish I had that kind of walk path.

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