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October goals accomplished

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It’s certainly easy to meet goals when they are not very challenging. With my breast cancer walk this coming weekend and my son’s wedding the following weekend my only two quilting goals for October were to finish my donation quilt for Quilt Pink and this quilt for myself.

I put the final stitches in the binding this afternoon so I’m all done! It’s nice and toasty with a flannel back and it will go up to Minneapolis for use in our temporary apartment in November.

I’ve got the movers coming on October 30 to see how much stuff they’ll have to pack – I need to finish culling through my studio so they’ll be able to accurately assess packing materials and cost. So as much as I’d like to load another quilt I’ll hold off until after the 30th.

I like being able to hang my quilts up to take the pictures but notice that sometimes they don’t always hang completely straight using the clips on the curtain rod. This one looks a little wavy but it’s the way it’s hanging not the quilt which squared up nicely before binding.

Although my layout and borders are different from Bonnie’s pattern, the blocks and inspiration came from her Pineapple Blossom quilt.

Atlanta 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk

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The weekend of the Atlanta 3 Day Breast Cancer walk is finally approaching and this time next week I’ll be completing the final day of the walk. In preparation, Keith and I have been doing our last training walks; Friday we hiked 5 miles, Saturday we did 15, and today we’ll do 10 miles. Tuesday I’ll do one final hike and cross my fingers that I’m ready to walk 60 miles in 3 days.

(From L – R) My Mom, Aunt Lillian, and Aunt Dot
I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’m walking in memory of my Aunt Lillian who died last year after losing her battle with breast cancer and for two of my sisters who have struggled with this disease. I’ll be carrying a picture of my Mom with her sisters and one of me with mine on this walk.

(From L – R) Maureen, Mary, Debbie, and Ann

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me and made contributions that will help fund the fight against Breast Cancer. Contributions are still being accepted and can be made at the 3 Day site by clicking HERE. Thank you!

Spectacular Scraps

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Judy posted a comment on Stashbusters about the challenge of using stash fabrics. My response to her and the group was about the color concepts used in the book Spectacular Scraps: A Simple Approach to Stunning Quilts by Judy Hooworth, Margaret Rolfe.

This purple and orange half square triangle was the first quilt I made using two color families and throwing in ALL the purple and orange fabrics I had. Yes, everything went into this quilt.

Although the book uses half square triangles (with a bunch of different layouts) I also used this concept when I made Becky’s half log cabin quilt – this time in her favorite colors of purple and red.

I would recommend this book to anyone but especially to those people trying to use the fabric they already own! Make the quilts using half square triangles or take the color concepts and combinations and use with other patterns.

Colors of Autumn

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If you can believe it, it took as long to pick out the stitching on that partial row as it did to quilt the entire top. Anyway, the good news is that the Colors of Autumn quilting is done and it’s trimmed and ready for binding.

I ended up using the pantograph – Popcorn by Jodi Beamish – this pantograph looks like clouds to me so the colors and quilting makes me think of a breezy autumn day like today.

I listened to a new CD from one of my favorite bands while picking out the original stitching and quilting this top – Reunion: A Decade of Solas. If you like Irish music then I’d recommend any of the Solas CD’s. I am slightly biased as one of my cousins (Seamus Egan) is a band member but I can’t really say I know him since I haven’t seen him since he was a child.

I hate picking out quilting stitches!

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While sitting around all afternoon waiting for the dealership to call and say my car was ready to be picked up, I loaded my Colors of Autumn top on the longarm.

Keith is out of town (again) so I decided to come down and start quilting around 10PM – after quilting about half a row of the Windy Day pantograph I felt it was too much for the already busy scrap quilt. So I’ve spent the last hour picking out the quilting and probably have almost 2 hours left if what I’ve gotten done so far is any indication. Usually I pick out my quilting stitches from the back of my quilt but in this case I’m using Bottom Line thread and my tension is outstanding! The stitches are completely sunk into the flannel backing so I have no choice but to pick from the front.

After waiting all day for the call to pick up my car – it’s going to be another day and this was already the 3rd day disrupted. I spent Monday afternoon at the dealership, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon waiting to pick the car up and so I’ll cross my fingers and hope that it’s actually finished tomorrow as promised.

I’m going to bed and will deal with the quilt and the car dealership tomorrow!


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I’ve been debating what to do about my longarm when we move. Because we want to live downtown – the options we’re looking at for housing won’t accommodate my longarm PLUS my sewing machine, cutting table, and fabric all in a single bedroom.

So, I’ve decided to trade in my Classic Plus on a 12 foot table for a Premier Plus on a 10 foot table. Because I only quilt for myself and family and don’t do any quilting for hire, I know I can make this work for me. I don’t quilt many king size quilts and when I do have the need to – I can always quilt them in two pieces and then assemble them using *quilt as you go* methods.

I’m sure this move to Minneapolis won’t be our last move over the next 10+ years and I think by downsizing my machine now I’ll have more flexibility with this move and with any future ones.

Fat quarter binge

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Since joining the Stashbuster list 2+ years ago I have – for the most part – controlled my fabric spending.

Today, I dropped my Pink Quilt off at Little Quilts and everywhere I turned there were bundles calling my name. I wanted to pick up some fat quarters (30’s prints) to send my Mom otherwise I wouldn’t even have stayed to look.

I found 2 fat eighth packs to send to Mom and 4 fat quarter bundles for me. I guess I felt the old fabric I was flinging was leaving room for some newcomers.

My Studio

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I had several comments about my studio and bookcase and I’m going to miss both of them. How am I ever going to fit my longarm and all my stuff in a regular size bedroom?

Well, besides sorting through fabric, books, and notions I’ve been looking at my options with my longarm. I’ve tentatively decided I’m going to trade in my Classic Plus with its 12 foot table for a smaller Premier Plus on a 10 foot table. I’m hoping the increased space will make up for any inconvenience. My sister has a Premier on a 10 foot table and I’ve seen/used her setup so I’m confident I can make it work. The only question is how I’m going to time the exchange.

Unfortunately. since my bookcase is built in I won’t be able to take it with me. I’ve been looking at the book Creating your perfect quilting space and loved the shelves used for fabric storage in one of the makeovers. I looked for them at the Ikea site but couldn’t find them. However I did find another one that might work – what do you think?

I’ve put this off long enough!

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With just the Colors of Autumn top to quilt as my remaining goal for October, I finally jumped in and seriously started sorting/cleaning my studio in preparation for the move.

I’ve gone through all my books and decided that I will keep most of them. Since I enjoy looking through the ones that I’ll never make a quilt out of I’ll just have to find space for them.

I also started sorting through my fabric – a lot of it is from Joann’s and Hancock Fabric’s that I bought in the first few years I was quilting. I still buy fabric there at times but I’m more discriminating so I’m sorting through the stuff I don’t want to use and donating it. I’m keeping a lot of bits and pieces that will go into scrap quilts and some larger pieces that can be used for backing. Most of my quilt shop fabric is fat quarters but there are larger pieces bought for borders that I’m also keeping.