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I’ve been debating what to do about my longarm when we move. Because we want to live downtown – the options we’re looking at for housing won’t accommodate my longarm PLUS my sewing machine, cutting table, and fabric all in a single bedroom.

So, I’ve decided to trade in my Classic Plus on a 12 foot table for a Premier Plus on a 10 foot table. Because I only quilt for myself and family and don’t do any quilting for hire, I know I can make this work for me. I don’t quilt many king size quilts and when I do have the need to – I can always quilt them in two pieces and then assemble them using *quilt as you go* methods.

I’m sure this move to Minneapolis won’t be our last move over the next 10+ years and I think by downsizing my machine now I’ll have more flexibility with this move and with any future ones.

Fat quarter binge

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Since joining the Stashbuster list 2+ years ago I have – for the most part – controlled my fabric spending.

Today, I dropped my Pink Quilt off at Little Quilts and everywhere I turned there were bundles calling my name. I wanted to pick up some fat quarters (30’s prints) to send my Mom otherwise I wouldn’t even have stayed to look.

I found 2 fat eighth packs to send to Mom and 4 fat quarter bundles for me. I guess I felt the old fabric I was flinging was leaving room for some newcomers.

My Studio

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I had several comments about my studio and bookcase and I’m going to miss both of them. How am I ever going to fit my longarm and all my stuff in a regular size bedroom?

Well, besides sorting through fabric, books, and notions I’ve been looking at my options with my longarm. I’ve tentatively decided I’m going to trade in my Classic Plus with its 12 foot table for a smaller Premier Plus on a 10 foot table. I’m hoping the increased space will make up for any inconvenience. My sister has a Premier on a 10 foot table and I’ve seen/used her setup so I’m confident I can make it work. The only question is how I’m going to time the exchange.

Unfortunately. since my bookcase is built in I won’t be able to take it with me. I’ve been looking at the book Creating your perfect quilting space and loved the shelves used for fabric storage in one of the makeovers. I looked for them at the Ikea site but couldn’t find them. However I did find another one that might work – what do you think?

I’ve put this off long enough!

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With just the Colors of Autumn top to quilt as my remaining goal for October, I finally jumped in and seriously started sorting/cleaning my studio in preparation for the move.

I’ve gone through all my books and decided that I will keep most of them. Since I enjoy looking through the ones that I’ll never make a quilt out of I’ll just have to find space for them.

I also started sorting through my fabric – a lot of it is from Joann’s and Hancock Fabric’s that I bought in the first few years I was quilting. I still buy fabric there at times but I’m more discriminating so I’m sorting through the stuff I don’t want to use and donating it. I’m keeping a lot of bits and pieces that will go into scrap quilts and some larger pieces that can be used for backing. Most of my quilt shop fabric is fat quarters but there are larger pieces bought for borders that I’m also keeping.

Amish Quilts

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Amy and I had chatted before about her Amish quilt and the antique quilt I bought in Lancaster last year. She posted a picture of hers today so I thought I would also post one of mine.

I was told that this quilt dates back to the 1850’s-1860’s. It’s beautifully hand quilted and although it has a few small stains, it’s in very good condition. I want to have it appraised out of curiosity (did I pay more than it was worth?) but also because it’s the only quilt I own that’s probably worth anything. Regardless of the value – I LOVE this quilt.

When we were in Lancaster, I looked at a ton of quilts and the ones I was drawn to were not the ones being sold as Amish quilts but the antique quilts in the back room at Witmer’s Quilt Shop. This was one of 3 quilts I had to make myself choose between. If you go to Lancaster make sure you check out the BACK room at Witmer Quilt Shop, 1070 W. Main St. in New Holland for the antique quilts.

Naming quilts

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I was updating my Excel spreadsheet that I use to track my quilts and I realized that I’m terrible at naming quilts. These are some of the brilliant names I’ve come up with so far this year:

Twin Cabin #1
Twin Cabin #2
Baby Cabin
Crooked Hearts
Red/Purple Rail Fence
Butterfly Quilt
Adam’s Jeans Quilt
Crayon Geese
Blue Braid #1
Blue Braid #2
Chris’ wedding quilt
Pink Quilt (so named because it’s Pink and I’m donating it to Quilt Pink)

Boring right? I started thinking about what name I would use for this year’s autumn quilt and in the interest of coming up with a more interesting name than Autumn Quilt 2006, I did an internet search of Autumn and Poetry and came up with the following choices:

Autumn’s Glory
An Autumn Day
Autumn Mosaic
The Colors of Autumn – this is the name I chose

The Colors of Autumn

in the North Georgia Mountains, November 2005

So how do the rest of you name your quilts?

Checking more things off my to do list/October goals

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Well, I think I’m making progress

  • all the wedding stuff is done except I need to shorten my dress slightly. I’m not a sewer but it’s just a tiny rolled hem and I think I can cut an inch and a half off the bottom and then resew it myself. We’ll see how it goes.
  • all the final plans were made for the Rehearsal dinner on Friday so now all I’ll have to do is show up and have fun.
  • finished quilting and shipped my Aunt’s quilt to her
  • finished the borders on the Autumn quilt

With the Breast Cancer Walk and the wedding the last two weekends of the month, I’m going to set just 2 goals for October.

That’s it!