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We flew back home today from Colorado Springs. It snowed on Saturday and although it didn’t stick at all I had a great time walking around the lake in the snow shower! I took my first Yoga class on Sunday and had a great afternoon in the spa on Monday but now it’s time to get ready to drive to Minneapolis on Friday morning.

We’ll be packing up Keith’s car with all the things he’ll need in the temporary apartment and some projects for me to work on for the 10 days I’ll be up there with him.

Walking around the lake at the Broadmoor (after the snow)

Colorado Springs (Trip #1)

If the move wasn’t enough to keep me busy I’ve got three trips planned between now and my move on December 21st. First, I’m going to Colorado Springs and will be gone this Saturday through Tuesday. This will be a fun trip – I’m staying at the Broadmoor hotel and plan to visit the spa one afternoon if I haven’t left it too late to make a couple appointments. I’ll call tomorrow and hopefully they can fit me in.

Next will be a trip to Minneapolis from November 17 – 27. I’ll drive up with Keith and then fly back after Thanksgiving.

Finally, I booked my flight to visit Mom in December – I’ll be there the 7th-12th.

Adam will be here tomorrow for the day so I won’t be working on my move preparations until Wed/Thurs of next week. I still haven’t accomplished as much as I need to especially with the above trips but I did make more progress today.

I did piece a couple quilt backs last night just so I could work on something quilty. I thought about loading a top and quilting that but now with Adam coming that won’t happen but maybe when I get back from Minneapolis I can squeeze one last quilt in.

I’d rather be quilting…..

I spent the day going through files and cleaning up my desk. It wouldn’t take so long if I didn’t keep stopping to read things in the files I’d forgotten about or if I didn’t save every scrap of paper that ever came across my desk. I’m sure I could easily discard even more but I know I’ll need this stuff as soon as I throw it away.

Tomorrow and the rest of the week will be more of the same.

My official move date

My move date is finally set and Keith made my reservations this afternoon. I leave Marietta for Minneapolis on December 21st. Luckily we’ll be living within a block of the skyway system so I can get around downtown even in the worst weather.

Keith leaves on November 17th but I will be driving up with him and spending 10 days in Minneapolis before returning here. We’ll end up being apart for less than a month and it will be a busy time so I know it will fly by.

Packing up

Keith and I spent the weekend up at Big Canoe packing up the things we aren’t selling with the condo. It was very difficult to leave this afternoon knowing that we won’t be back up or at least not back up together as I’ll probably go up in December before I leave to check on things.

We decided to rent our house here in Marietta to Chris and Becky who are moving back to the area in January with the idea of selling it to them in a few years once they are in a position to buy it. The condo is still for sale but Chris will keep a watch on it for us until it sells – of course it would be nice if it sold before I left in December but I’m not holding my breath.

We took time out yesterday for one last walk.

Since Chris has been after me to change the picture in my profile I’ll upload this one that Keith took while we were out walking.


OK, one last wedding photo (for now anyway).

You can see my dress in this one but disregard my hair! It was a very breezy day and the photo’s were taken outside – the wedding was also outdoors so I just gave up on my hair looking decent!

As you can tell from the photo with Chris in the last post, the jacket came off once we were inside for the reception.

Wedding photo’s

I snagged a couple shots of the wedding – the resolution on these is really low – I’ve got to call the photographer to order some prints but here’s one of the kids and one of me dancing with Chris – I look a little goofy but it was a special moment.

And finally, aren’t both of my boys handsome?

Folding Quilts

There is a great article in the December edition of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine on folding quilts to eliminate the center creases. If you have the magazine – check out the article on page 44.

It’s hard to explain without pictures but the quilt is folded on the bias and the picture shows 4 folds which when completed leave the quilt nicely packaged and the author states less likely to crease.

It’s a timely article for me as many of my quilts that are now on beds or hanging over railings will have to be folded not just for moving but to be stored as I am downsizing significantly.