Does he miss Keith?

I think Chesty looks pretty happy to have Keith’s flannel quilt all to himself!

This was a quilt I made from a package of fat quarters that were a gift. Keith wasn’t crazy about the colors but wanted a flannel quilt so he accepted it anyway. Nice of him wasn’t it? When I was deciding whether to leave any quilts here for Chris and Becky, I asked did he want to leave this one since I’ve made two flannel backed Autumn quilts that he likes the colors of much better. He’s very attached to this quilt now and he said no way. It’s flannel front and back so it’s really warm and he’s apparently gotten used to the colors.

10 thoughts on “Does he miss Keith?

  1. Gail

    Ok, so the colors are a little vibrant-so what, that makes it fun as well as warm. I’d want to keep it too, and Chesty is one smart pup.

  2. Laurie Ann

    Ahhhh… Chesty is such a sweetie, I could eat him up!!! I hope he will adjust okay to apartment life. I have one all flannel quilt, but would love to make another in a bigger size. Some day!

  3. Sandra

    Love the dark green background of this flannel quilt! I have no flannels and never made a quilt with them but they sure do look and feel warm and cozy 🙂

  4. Susan

    And they say women are changeable. =) I love the brightness of the quilt! Apparently the dog has good taste, too.

  5. Samantha

    I’m glad he’s grown to love it like it deserves- though Chesty looks like Keith may not get it back!

  6. JudyL

    Tell me again when you’ll all be together? Are you leaving some of your furniture there for Chris & Becky?

    Chesty does look like he’s missing his dad!

    Judy L.

  7. Anonymous

    I think he’s laying on it because he knows how cute and white and fuzzy it makes him look. 🙂

    I’d like to see the pattern on the quilt, if Chesty ever gets down!

  8. deputyswife

    Doesn’t look like Chesty will be willing to share once you get to MN!

    If you are downsizing a bit, any problem shipping that chest of drawers (in the background) to Iowa? LOL!

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