A bad day quilting

Ever have one of those days where your quilting sucks? Today was one of them so I stopped quilting and took a walk. Click on the photo to follow me on my walk to the river.

4 Responses to “A bad day quilting”

  • Norma:

    I totally understand your position today! Yesterday was my day for everything to go wrong. I was working on a customer quilt and I am having tension issues–bird’s nests appearing on the back of the quilt. I am in the process of frogging the whole row.

  • Judy:

    Thanks for taking us on the walk! I’ve never been to Minneapolis!

    Tomorrow will be a better quilting day.

    Judy L.

  • Sandra:

    Wow – I had no idea the Mississippi was so wide! Looks like a great walk – at least it’s all flat. Very hilly round here so walking is too hard LOL.

  • Screen Door:

    Sometimes you have to walk away. It gives you new perspective. Bubble bath and old movies help too..oh and shopping….

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