First 12 blocks

I’ve finished the first 12 blocks of the Patriotic String Star and am hoping to finish up the corner blocks tonight.

I spoke with my Mom today and she reminded me I still have to put together my BOM top that is at her house. She machine stitched my applique down for me in exchange for my quilting hers. Nice isn’t she? I adapted the applique a bit for mine and I’m eliminating the log cabin border. My thought is that when I’m done it would be nice to donate it to Habitat for Humanity. So rather than start new quilt #4 – the Pink Ribbon Strings while I’m there, I’ll be working on a UFO.
Tonight I’ll finish up the binding on my Baby Stripes and mark UFO #8 off my list.

9 thoughts on “First 12 blocks

  1. Linda_J

    This is going to be very striking, Mary! I was a bit behind on my reading and see that your boys were in MN to see you! What a wonderful surprise Keith and your sons managed to pull off!

    You are making wonderful progress on the blocks and quilting even if your mom needed to prod you about something. Enjoy your visit with her.

  2. cher

    very impressive that you are getting so many ufos done! this star string quilt is going to be quite striking!

  3. Lisa

    This is going to be gorgeous! You can really see in this photo how all the different tones of each colour are contributing to the richness of the quilt. It’s a hard thing to capture in a photo.

  4. Nicole and Phil

    terrific quilting! You are certainly getting lots done this year!
    Keep up the great work!

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