Most of the day wasted

I’ve had an ongoing computer problem that I’ve been unable to solve over the last few weeks so I broke down and paid for technical support from McAfee today. After 4 hours the problem still isn’t solved and will probably take up a good chuck of my day tomorrow as I try again.
I had to be sitting here at the computer but most of the time they were controlling my computer remotely so I pulled out a new quilting book Quilting Possibilities…freehand Filler Patterns (Golden Threads) (Paperback) by Sue Patten and practiced my drawing.
I can’t draw well at all but I find that if I draw things over and over until I’ve mastered them, I can quilt them. It may not look like it from this drawing but I can do fairly decent freehand feathers BUT I have a problem with quilting feathers that need to fill up a space – where they have to get larger and smaller. I really want to use some of these designs – do any of you have any tips to keeping the shape of my feather when stretching them out to fill the space?
I also tried some ferns.

8 thoughts on “Most of the day wasted

  1. May Britt

    Perhaps this is a way to practice new quilt patterns. I always do the one I feel secure on, but now I have to find paper and start to practice.

  2. Helen in the UK

    Oh, I love feathers, but haven’t had the courage to try machine quilting them yet!! Congrats on utilising the ‘dead’ time whilst trying to get your PC fixed 🙂

  3. joyce

    Nice drawing. I am so lucky that my two sons are both computer techies, so while my computer is being worked on, I go and make dinner for them. Works for me.

  4. Vicki W

    I’ve noticed that book recently and heard that it was very good. I guess I may jsut have to order it!

  5. Patti

    I think your feathers look fine. I struggle with the same thing and yours are much better than mine. All I can think to do is keep repeating to yourself “half a heart, half a heart”. I also like Sherry Rogers new book on feathers. I love the plastic overlays where you can trace her feathers over and over until they are set in your mind and muscles. I think everyone’s feathers are different – just like meandering, stippling, etc. You know what they say – practice, practice,practice. I find sketching them first on the quilt with a chalk pencil really helps too.

  6. Joanne

    I just got that book, too. I have no suggestions on how to fill in the space with large and small feathers — just keep practicing, I guess. I sure want to learn how to do it though!

  7. Anita - aka Granny Patches

    Try holding the pencil by the eraser end instead of normally. Also, when doing the feathers on your machine, put some drag on the machine to help it move smoother.

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