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Backing made and more Baptist Fans

I finished piecing the backing this morning and am about 3/4 of the way finished quilting my Half Square Strings using my Baptist Fan template again and I love how it’s looking!

I ended up piecing strips leftover from the backs of 10 different quilts and as you can see there’s a little bit of everything. I had a lot of comments from people who piece quilt backs (I also piece most of my backs) – the challenge here was using all those leftover bits and as you can see it’s not really color coordinated but it won’t be nearly as ugly once it’s quilted and trimmed.

The second photo shows the most important step of assembling a pieced backing – squaring it up.
I’ve got my binding made – I also save leftover binding bits and piece them together for scrappy quilts. I had intended to use a scrappy binding on this log cabin quilt – can you see the binding on the floor already made? In the end I decided to bind that quilt in the same blue as the border and that pieced binding has been sitting around for a year waiting for me to use it.

Backing scraps

Am I the only one who can’t throw away the leftover bits of quilt backings? I piece together leftover strips of batting but these backing pieces have been sitting in a bin waiting for me to find a use for them.

Since this String quilt uses all my scrap bits and pieces I decided I’d see if I could piece a usable back out of this pile. So far I have about 3/4 of the size I need sewn together but the question is will this backing be too ugly to use?

Mom’s Oak Leaf – done!

This should have been simple enough to quilt and I don’t know why I struggled so hard but at least it’s done now and ready to ship off to Mom along with her BOM I finished a couple weeks ago for her.

I don’t know how you longarmers deal with the stress of a customer quilt that isn’t coming out right – at least I can tell Mom she gets what she pays for!

Mom’s quilt

Still working on Mom’s quilt. Finished the background meandering in the applique blocks yesterday. I quilted the bottom border this afternoon and then had to pick out my original quilting in the top border and quilt that. After taking this picture, I got the quilt off and re-pinned so it’s set for me to quilt the side borders tomorrow.

Boarding and Doggie Daycare

With the move, we need to find a place to board Chesty when we travel so today we took him to Downtown Dogs in Minneapolis for an evaluation. In Marietta, we boarded him with our Vet and he stayed in a kennel. Downtown Dogs requires that you leave him for a minimum of 4 hours for the evaluation and he doesn’t have any experience with *free play* with other dogs so I was a bit worried about leaving him.

They do have a neat feature on their website – doggie cam – so we’ve been able to watch to see how he’s doing. We called to check on him once and they said he’s not really playing with the other dogs but he doesn’t seem to be stressed about being in with them. That’s Chesty – standing in the middle of the floor by himself.

Another late night finish

I finished up these blocks this afternoon and decided to start piecing the top tonight. Once I got started I decided to keep going until the top was together. It’s 12:30AM and the lighting isn’t the best but here are a couple pictures. I’ll have to try to get a better picture tomorrow. (top picture replaced 2/4)
Don’t you hate seeing a *problem* once you finish a top. Can you see those two strips of the same green fabric in the middle block on the top row? I didn’t notice it until I took the picture so it’s not a prominent as it appears and I’m certainly not going to do anything about it now. You’ll notice that I didn’t worry about lining up my center strips perfectly – I like the more imperfect look although I have to admit that mine are a lot more consistent that the ones in the pattern.
Although I started this quilt before Judy issued her challenge, I’m counting it as my stash quilt for February. The border fabric is one that had been in my stash for at least a couple years and I looked through my strings to find ones that picked up the colors in the print. I’ll use fabric from stash for the backing too.

My EQ6 String Quilts

I created an web album with my recent String quilt designs if anyone wants to view them all together in the same location. Click on the photo below to go to the album.


I knew you guys would give me some great feedback – I played around a little more with the string design for my QOV quilt and I used some lighter blues to make the star pop. I think I like this one better than the cream/beige star. What do you think?