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Chinese Coins top finished

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I got the final borders on this morning. I wasn’t sure yesterday how much I was going to like it but now that the top is finished I do (like it). I don’t know if anyone else is working on Chinese Coins for HeartStrings so I may or may not get additional sections for another quilt.

I wasn’t using a pattern and debated how wide to make my sashing strips and borders. I did searches on google and webshots looking at other versions before deciding on 2 inch sashing and 4 inch borders.

In response to a question about the size of my coins – they’re trimmed to 5.5 inches wide. My sashing was cut 2.5 inches, and my borders cut 4.5 inches. The overall quilt is 55×70. I would have made it a bit longer but the green fabric turned out to be only 1.8 yards and not 2 as I originally thought. I barely squeaked the sashing, border, and binding out with just the piece below left – how’s that for cutting it close?

Chinese Coins

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I debated what I’d work on today and the Chinese Coins won out over loading another quilt on the longarm.

I put the sections I have up on the design wall and can see a few I need to move around. I had thought I’d use the blue fabric for the border and sashing but I like the green better.

Can I get this top done today? I still need to make about 2 rows of coins and I also want to walk downtown this morning or afternoon to grab a bite to eat and visit the bookstore.

Another UFO

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This is the quilt I’ve been practicing on. I bought this top off eBay a few years ago intending to quilt and donate it. I wanted to *learn* to use my Featherz wreath template that I bought with my Circle Lord and I hate practicing on muslin so I decided to use this UFO as my practice piece.
I’m getting ready to get the binding sew on and will stitch it down tonight watching TV with Keith and then it will go in the stack of quilts to be donated.
Next up for quilting will be a HeartStrings top made by May – I’ll quilt it and send it back to her to donate in memory of her sister.

VA Tech

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You may recognize this quilt from a blog post last July. My Mom and I made it for my niece who was heading off to VA Tech for her first year of college.

I spoke with my sister earlier and Laura is OK but my thoughts and prayers go out to all those killed or injured as well as their families and the entire Tech community.

Pineapple top finished

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I went to the quilt shop yesterday to get a blue border for my Pineapple quilt – as you see it’s not blue! I really miss my quilt shops in Marietta – the one I’ve been going to here really has limited fabrics choices.
However, they do have a nice rack of fabric that is 50% off. This border was on that shelf as well as 4 other ones I bought – good thing I’m not in the Stashbuster No Buy group. This is not the best picture but the border is a deep purple with a red print.

Home again

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One last sunset on the Big Island

What could be better than sitting on the beach in Hawaii, in the shade of a palm tree, reading a good book?? However, I was SO happy to get home this afternoon and run to the kennel to pick Chesty up. We had a wonderful time but 10 days was such a long time to leave my baby!

I have tons of pictures but once I go through all the disks I’ll create a Hawaii album on Picasa so those of you who are interested can take a look.

I have lots of running around to do tomorrow but hope to get back to quilting on Saturday.

Top 5 blogs that inspire me

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I’m just getting caught up with email after vacation but I’ve been tagged on a couple sites so I’ll quickly respond with my top 5 inspirational blogs.

As everyone one else has mentioned – there are many other blogs out there that I follow which provide inspiration for my quilting – you guys know who you are because I visit and comment on your blogs. Thank you all for sharing.

Judy – for starting the Stash Quilts blog ring, Quilt for an Hour patterns, her stash challenges, her quilts – no matter how busy I am I always check Judy’s blog for updates.

Bonnie Hunter – Bonnie = scrap quilts. Her website has even more goodies.

Jeanne’s blog – She’s another scrappy quilter whose quilts strongly appeal to me.

Patti’s blog – I love her applique quilts but it’s her scrap quilts that really inspire me.

HeartStrings Quilt Project – I know I write this one BUT I started it because I was so inspired by the work being done by quilters involved in the project that I wanted to share their work on a broader scale.