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Happiness is….

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Breakfast on the balcony overlooking the park

New music from John Mayer from iTunes

Living in Minneapolis with a great view from all my windows

A walk in the park with Chesty

A beautiful fountain in the park

Getting an email from Keith saying he’s getting on the plane and heading home after being gone 3 days

Having the luxury of sewing all day- any day – because I don’t have to work

Dancing around my sewing room with no one but Chesty watching

Finishing the blocks for another HeartStrings quilt

A glass of wine on the balcony overlooking the park before dinner

Sometimes I forget how wonderful my life is…..I hope your day was just as great!

Inspired to work on another UFO

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I’ve had these leftover strips cut for over 2 years with the intention of making a Roman Stripes quilt from them. Finishing up Mom’s Roman Stripes has inspired me to go ahead and least get this UFO to the finished top stage.

These were my first 8 blocks made last night – this one should go pretty quickly.

Tomorrow – like it or not – I need to load my aunt’s top on the longarm. I always seem to procrastinate loading a new quilt.

Thanks for the advice

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I was all ready to get my haircut but the salon was closed today so I’ll go tomorrow. I decided on a slightly shorter version of #5. Several people suggested highlights but I’m going to pass on any color. Thanks for the advice and when Keith gets home later in the week I’ll have him take a new photo for my profile.

Today was one of those days that I didn’t feel like I accomplished much – too many small tasks I guess. I went out around lunch to ship off quilts – one to Pam and one to my Aunt, visited the bookstore and had lunch at Panera. Then spent part of the afternoon reading and checking things off my to do list in the sewing room. Now I have 3 packages ready to mail out tomorrow – one to Mom with background blocks and setting triangles for an applique quilt she’s working on for me, one for a fellow stashbuster with a pattern, and some Chinese Coins for Becky who will use them to make a HeartStrings quilt.

Finally this evening I started piecing blocks for another string quilt – this one is also a UFO so it will eventually mean one more checked off my list.

I’m ready for a new hair style (I think)

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Not the most flattering photo but one taken of me a couple months ago showing my gray hair and chubby cheeks. I’m not going to color the gray – too much time, expense, and upkeep for something that doesn’t really bother me but I’m ready for a new haircut.

Here are some styles I’m considering – does anyone have any opinions that would help me choose?

This week’s goals

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We’re back from Mankato – it wasn’t a very exciting place and I have to say I’m glad that Keith’s company moved here to Minneapolis rather than there (they have a plant there too)!

The 30’s Roman Stripes quilt is bound, labeled, and freshly laundered and ready to ship off to Pam a fellow HeartStrings member to donate.

Goals for this week are:
Stitch down the binding on another HeartStrings quilt
Load and quilt a top for my Aunt Dot
Start piecing another string quilt – this one is another UFO that I’ve had leftover strips cut and set aside from a quilt I made for Adam a couple years ago.

My Spiderweb top is FINALLY done

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I don’t have a good place to take full length photo’s of quilts (or quilt tops in this case). I took the first one tossed over the balcony but decided to try and get a full length one too but I can’t get far enough away from the quilt.

I had a couple requests for instructions – here’s a link to my quilt instructions site. – they’re brief and assume you don’t need detailed instructions. I added the narrow dark red border on my quilt that is not included in the instructions because I decided at the last minute the border and sashing fabric would be too blendy without something between them.

That was quick

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I finished the Roman Stripes quilt just before going out to dinner. Keith has another business dinner tonight so I’m on my own – again. I walked a couple blocks to Buca and a couple glasses of wine, a salad, and 2 slices of pizza later I’m very mellow!

I’ve also been working on the spiderweb top – just 3 seams and then I can add borders. I’m really having to make myself finish this top rather than putting it aside. This is the first time I’ve sashed the blocks individually – I don’t know if it’s because there are so few blocks or if the design wall makes it easier but I didn’t have to *think* too hard.

I was playing around in EQ6 again today – I love this new version – it’s so easy to save photos of quilts and blocks. Here’s the 16 patch and pinwheels that Mom and I were working on.