My Spiderweb top is FINALLY done

I don’t have a good place to take full length photo’s of quilts (or quilt tops in this case). I took the first one tossed over the balcony but decided to try and get a full length one too but I can’t get far enough away from the quilt.

I had a couple requests for instructions – here’s a link to my quilt instructions site. – they’re brief and assume you don’t need detailed instructions. I added the narrow dark red border on my quilt that is not included in the instructions because I decided at the last minute the border and sashing fabric would be too blendy without something between them.

21 Responses to “My Spiderweb top is FINALLY done”

  • swooze:

    I think it turned out lovely even though you struggled with it.

  • Norma:

    I don’t understand why you didn’t like this one. This quilt has built in movement and is one of my favorites! I love it! I am glad you did not get discouraged and quit!

  • Tanya:

    This is really an interesting quilt. I like it! It is sort of like a puzzle, sort of like an optical illusion. Very nice!

  • Vicki W:

    I hope you like it better now – it turned out fantastic!

  • JudyL:

    Mary: I love it! You must have one huge stash of greens. The border fabric fits it so nicely.

  • Gail:

    OOOh the optical illusions are fantastic! So glad you kept at it- and thanks for sharing the instructions. By the way, Tuesday the whole metro area and even further north was covered with the smell and smoke from the South GA & FLA fires. Who would have thought we’d see and smell it this far away???

  • Lynn Dykstra:

    For a quilt that was “a pain” for a while, you certainly made it turn out beautifully–I printed off the pdf and look forward to playing with it. Love the green you chose for sashings and borders.

  • Hedgehog:

    I know you had trouble with this one – it looks great! The dark red mini-border was a good idea.

  • meggie:

    This is a seriously DAMN nice quilt!!

  • The Calico Cat:

    I like the narrow inner border, but more than that, I like that the two greens are similar but different!

  • KCQuilter:

    Another beauty, Mary! Love how the green just sets off the rest of the quilt. I am hoping to get back to making blocks for Heartstrings as soon as I get caught up on “gifty” quilts!!!

  • Vicky:

    It turned out great, Mary! I printed off your instructions. I just might try it in two colors.

  • Darlene:

    WOW, that has some incredible movement. It’s very, very nice!

  • Helen in the UK:

    This turned out beautifully. Glad you perservered 🙂

  • Judy:

    All the quilts and tops are just fabulous Mary!! I have missed so many posts! You guys got a lot done on your vacation!

  • Linda_J:

    The red is just the spark that it needed, Mary. I know you are glad to see it downscaled and finished since you were not all that crazy about it. The little pieced cornerstones are a nice touch.

    I always pre-sash my blocks as I have never had any luck sewing long skinny strips of them (as instructions normally show) onto the heavier body of the quilt—just eliminating the drag is always a plus. The sewing is then just basically twosies, foursies from there in rows.

  • Deb Sews Quilts:

    Incredibly beautiful quilt!! Thank you for sharing the instructions.

  • Evelyn aka Starfishy:

    Hopefully this quilt has grown on you now that it is finished? It looks great done!!!



  • Morah:

    I know you haven’t been liking this quilt but I think it’s gorgeous!!!!!!! I love, love the sashing!

  • Samantha:

    That is simply fantastic!

  • Nina In Norway:

    It is stunning. I need to make a quilt simmilar to yours. It is amazing the effect you got by your choice of colours.

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