Are you ready for the unveiling of the new Mary?

I made Keith take a bunch of photos so I could get one that was halfway decent. Here’s the new haircut.

29 thoughts on “Are you ready for the unveiling of the new Mary?

  1. Pam

    Too cute! I wish I had nerve to cut mine short…it is just too thick and unruly to cut short.

  2. Patti

    Very nice – a whole new look for you. Much cooler for the summer I imagine. The important thing – what you didn’t tell us – how do YOU like it?

  3. Norma

    Fabulous hair cut! I think you found a time machine and managed to travel back in time….or you found the fountain of youth! This is a wonderfully fresh look for you! Enjoy!

  4. meggie

    Oh Mary! How pretty you are!
    I do think it makes you look a little younger too. How lucky you are to get a cut you like, & find a hairdresser who is not a butcher!!

  5. Kim

    It looks great! I had to keep going down to the “before” photo and back up to the “after,” and I think it really lifts and flatters the shape of your face. And not that I agreed with your statement about “chubby cheeks” before, but the new “do” really seems to narrow that part of your face. Are you pleased?

  6. Jeanne

    Mary, I LOVE your new haircut! I bet it’s very easy to take care of, too.
    It makes you look even younger!

  7. Volin

    Fantastic “new look”… it!!
    You look much younger … (i stopped colouring my hair just over a year ago and i feel so free of being tied to the colouring process, but am still trying to get used to my “new look”!) You have made a good choice!

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