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Thanks for all the feedback on the spiderweb quilt. I woke up this morning intending to rip out the sashing I’d already sewn but I’ve decided to just finish it up. It’s tempting to just set the whole project aside but I know that it won’t turn out as bad as I think and in the end it will make a nice donation quilt.
I did finish quilting this top that was donated to HeartStrings by Lori in CA. I leave for Virginia for a week on Friday so the binding may have to wait until I get back. The color in the first photo is truer but the 2nd one shows the quilting – another pantograph called Fay Feathers.

I asked Keith’s opinion

I’m ready to sash and border the spiderweb blocks and had 3 combinations pinned to my design wall this afternoon to study while I was quilting another HeartStrings top (sent to me by Lori in CA for quilting). Since I wasn’t any closer to a decision by the time Keith got home I asked which one he liked and he chose the center – olivey green combination.

Figuring what the heck – I cut out the inner border and part of the sashing and starting assembling the top tonight but with 2 blocks sashed I’m worried. I’m going to stop and reassess once I have daylight.
This quilt has really been a pain especially for something that was supposed to be a quick donation quilt from some leftover strips.

Helping those in need in Greensburg, Kansas

Sue Frank, one of the HeartStrings Quilt Project Coordinators is encouraging our quilters to help those in need. She has contacted a church that is sheltering 300 people devastated by the tornado in Greensburg, Kansas and gotten information on where quilt donations may be sent.

Visit the HeartStrings blog for more information.

See photos of Greensburg, Kansas after the tornado.


It’s been an overcast and breezy weekend here in Minneapolis but we’ve still been out and about. Yesterday we tried for one of our 10+ mile walks but the weather didn’t cooperate. Today we headed to the Mississippi for a walk along the river.

Here’s the view from the other side.

Other photos from our walk can be seen in my online album. Now, I’ll work some on my spiderweb quilt.

I’m tired of this already

I made myself work on my scrappy spiderweb blocks but I’m already tired of working on it and the quilt has been downsized so I can finish it sooner. It will still end up being about 54×68 or maybe a few inches bigger depending on my final border decisions. I did finished making the block quarters and have half of the blocks sewn together today.
I’ll load another quilt on the longarm and maybe the next few days I can alternate between quilting and getting this to the finished top stage.

Does anyone else do this? Start out with grandiose plans for a large quilt and get bored?
By the way, that innocent looking dog at the top of the page, got into my batting again – twice!

They’re running – I’m watching

There’s a race starting at the park this evening. I’m sitting up on the balcony watching them run by as I sip a glass of wine.

Use the Stash Challenge

Judy has issued the use the stash challenge for May so after several conversations with Mom today this is what I’ve decided to do.

I’ll be visiting Mom in a week and while I’m there we’ll work on two stash quilts together that will be donated at Christmas time through her church’s Angel Tree.

We’ll make a version of this Sandy Bonsib quilt using a tea dyed muslin I’ve had for a while for a background and her leftover strips.

We’ll also make a green lap size version of this quilt I made for Chris and Becky but we’ll use greens and beige fabrics. I have all the strips cut but they’ve been sitting around for almost a year now so it’s time to use them.

Today I pulled fabric and fused the houses for the Bonsib quilt and I’ll work on stitching them down by hand using the blanket stitch. There’s only 3 of them in the quilt but we’re going to add one for a total of 4. Mom doesn’t think that’s enough of them but I think more would be overkill.

I hadn’t pulled out Sandy’s Folk Art Quilts book in a while but look at this log cabin on the cover – that would make a great string quilt. I’ve been wanting to try some free form log cabin blocks using strings anyway so maybe I’ll give this one a shot – after I finish up some other projects. Evelyn recently posted a heart quilt that reminded me of one I made from this book.


The last couple days I’ve been busy quilting, binding, labeling, and washing. A HeartStrings quilt was mailed to To The Top Project today, I finished washing and labeling 5 other donation quilts and the quilting and binding is done on the Chinese Coins quilt. I feel so productive!

Quilts washed and ready for donation.