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Baptist Fan quilting

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Did I mention I love this template? I’m quilting another HeartStrings top today – this is a quilt that I designed in EQ and cut out for my Mom. She pieced the top and gave it to me to quilt and donate. Look at how nice and flat that border lies unlike the one I just finished quilting for my aunt!

The skies have gotten dark and the rain is pouring down. I’m going to unplug the Gammill for a bit since I noticed we have a tornado warning in effect. Don’t want any lightening strikes or power surges to mess up my machine.

Did I sound like I was complaining?

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Maybe the last post sounded a little whiny but I don’t worry too much about the tops waiting for quilting. I don’t quilt as a *job* so I rarely have set deadlines and usually make good progress.

Today I quilted my Aunt’s top – you remember – the one one I lost my mind and spent hours pulling out the quilting stitches before going to visit my Mom. Anyway, she’s pretty *relaxed* about how she adds borders to quilts so they’re usually a challenge. After picking out all that stitching and reloading the quilt – I remembered why I had changed my mind about a pantograph in the beginning. There was way too much fullness in the entire quilt to manage from the back and the borders were going to be particularly difficult. In the end, I just quilted a loopy meander and the leaves I started with would probably have looked better.

My solution was to quilt pleats in the borders since there was no way to quilt them without getting lots of tucks. Because I’m such a nice niece I even slip stitched them down after finishing the quilting.

Before someone asks why I don’t tell her the *right* way to measure and add borders – she already knows how but just chooses not to.

Waiting for quilting

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I have about 25 tops in line for quilting right now and that number keeps growing. In addition to tops from my Mom and aunts, I’ve added these 3 to the pile.

Two of these are the ones Mom and I finished this past week (they’ll go to her church at Christmas) and the Roman Stripes is a top that Mom made and gave me to finish for HeartStrings and donate. The green double 4 patch is a UFO from last year and I’m happy to have that top finished and ready for quilting.


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I had several comments about the wallhanging in the last photo. The picture was taken at Mom’s house and that’s a pattern I adapted for her out of a book or magazine. The center is unchanged from the pattern and we put a braid border around it to go with an applique quilt she uses on that bed.

If someone *needs* to know where the pattern came from – let me know and I’ll chase it down.

I’m home

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My flight got in this afternoon and after another sleepless night and early morning I’m tired so there be no work for me today. I’m getting behind so I’ll have to start quilting again tomorrow – I brought 5 tops back with me plus all the ones I already have waiting.

After taking me to the airport this morning at 6AM, Mom went home and finished putting this last one we’d been working on together so it’s ready to send to me for borders and quilting. This was from leftover strips from the green double 4 patch and it’s a 16 patch alternating with a pinwheel block.


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I’ve had a 3 day break from quilting but today I’m back at work. We had a nice Mother’s Day weekend but my sister and her family have gone home and Mom and I have started on Judy’s May Stash Challenge.

Mom’s working on the Courthouse Steps quilt and I’m working on the green Double 4 Patch. Both quilts will be completely from stash and will be donated this December to Mom’s Church through their Angel Tree.

Quilt Pink and Mother’s Day

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I had two packages this afternoon. First, my quilt I bid for and won from the Quilt Pink Auction. Thanks to *Bidder #5* I had to work very hard to win the auction but I’m glad I didn’t drop out for a couple reasons – I love the quilt and it was donated by Little Quilts in Marietta (I was feeling nostalgic just having moved from there).

The second package was Mother’s Day Flowers from Chris & Becky and Adam.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments – I’m going to visit Mom for a week so maybe when I get back I can finish my Spiderweb top and quilt the top for my Aunt. I’m usually very tolerant of my work so I’m not sure why I’ve been displeased lately but taking a break will help.

I’m so disgusted right now

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If my dissatisfaction with the progress on the spiderweb quilt wasn’t enough – I loaded a rail fence quilt for my Aunt on the longarm this morning. Started quilting it and decided I wasn’t happy with it either.

I’ve spent all afternoon picking out quilting stitches and still have at least 2-3 hours left before I’m done. This is obviously a week I shouldn’t be quilting!