I finished it all

I got all the way through my to do list today. I’ve been really productive with Keith traveling so much the last couple months and it just feeds on itself. The more I get done the harder I work. Things will slow down in the next few weeks as I have a couple trips coming up.

I had one of those light bulb moments yesterday when I was finishing the quilting on Mom’s top. I never take the time to practice stitching new quilting designs because I always have another quilt to load and finish. Drawing on paper helps a lot but I like to stitch them some before using them on a quilt for the first time. I realized yesterday that if I use the extra backing at the bottom of my quilts – I can practice something every time I finish a quilt.

Here’s the Ebb and Flow pantograph on the Patriotic String Star – I like the wavy look it gives. I also finished piecing the Lizard Strippie but it was too late to get a good picture so I’ll share that one tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “I finished it all

  1. Vicki W

    It took me a long time to realize that I had all of that great practice area at the end of my quilts. It makes a big difference to me to practice on the machine instead of paper.

  2. Linda_J

    You were right about Ebb and Flow being a good choice for the patriotic fabric choices in the top. It does give a feeling of flags waving.

  3. The Calico Cat

    How funny, your ebb & flow panto, looks like the free hand quilting on my batik pinwheels… (I wanted something “windy.”)

  4. Quilt Nut

    what a great idea for the practicing!

    gorgeous quilt-love the colors and that quilt pattern is perfect!

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