Frogging again

I was making good progress on a table quilt made by Mom for my sister Ann today until I had to unpick the border. What a pain as I’m trying to get it done before going to Virginia on Friday. Sandra from Stashbuster is coming over tomorrow to play a bit on the longarm so I’ll try to have it all picked out so I can reload it after she leaves.
I stopped in at the Circle Lord booth at MQS to check out the new swirls template (which I ordered once I got home!) and Kay took this photo of my sister and I and mailed it to me. Thanks Kay!

6 Responses to “Frogging again”

  • Norma:

    What a nice picture of you two!

  • Karen:

    Hi, Mary, what a nice photo of you and your sister. I’m sorry about the unpicking. The new Swirly pattern looks very cool.

  • Vicki W:

    Great photo!

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  • Ms. Jan:

    Sure can tell that you are sisters….=) =) =)

  • meggie:

    Oh what lovely looking girls you are! Your mother must be very proud!

  • Jeanne:

    Great picture! It’s really nice to have a sister who shares your quilting passion.

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