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You guys are way too nice but I am beginning to realize that if I’ll walk away from the quilt when I’m discouraged and come back to it later, I don’t see every single wobble and poorly stitched line like I do as I’m quilting it.

I did a few more blocks tonight and they’re getting a little better except for a few places I ran up on the applique. I know I should take those stitches out but I’m debating leaving them in. Since my Aunt’s blanket stitch is all over the place on the applique it seems a bit pointless for me to pick out some stray lines of quilting and I may do more harm than good to the applique itself.

I think in the end I’m going to be OK with this quilt – it won’t be my best work but I will have learned something along the way and since even my worse quilting is better than my aunt could have managed she comes out ahead too!

Of course, I told Debbie that in the future Nancy might choose to send her quilts to Florida rather than Minnesota. After all why have me quilt them when she could have them quilted by an award winning quilter! (Yes, I’m feeling a little inadequate these days!)

I really suck at this

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I can’t echo quilt – I really suck at it but I think it’s in part because I don’t ever do it and since all my quilts are scrap quilts there’s just not the opportunity to practice. My Mom does do a fair amount of applique but I always chicken out and do a small meandering type background on her quilts.

I’ve decided that no matter how bad this looks I’m going to keep on practicing – YES on my AUNT’S top.

What the heck
  • she doesn’t pay me for quilting (she does pay for the supplies/shipping);
  • her piecing leaves a LOT to be desired and her quilts are always a challenge anyway;
  • finally, if I don’t practice I’ll never learn to do it.

Progress is being made

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I set minimum goals for my quilting today since I knew that going out to buy the router and setting up the wireless network would take me the bulk of the day but by 5PM I hadn’t done any quilting.

This is when having a husband that travels frequently comes in handy. I quilted some on my aunt’s top and then went out for dinner. When I got home I worked on the 4 patches for my QFAH project. I snapped this photo and then finished sewing that pile in the middle. So thanks to Keith being out of town, I accomplished my goals on both projects I’m working on.

Just a quick note

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I’m heading to the longarm right now – well as soon as I type this post!

I ran out to Office Depot today and bought a router – got it hooked up but of course there was a glitch. I called Debbie since she’d just set one up but ended up calling customer service at Linksys. They were wonderful – had me up and running in 30 minutes. Then I set up the printer to work on the network and I’m all set.

Just to show Keith that I had it up and running – I sent him this photo. He’s off in Dallas for a couple days.

Still no quilting

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Unusual I know but another day has passed without me sewing a single stitch. Keith and I took off this afternoon for Minnehaha Park. It was nice to be out walking/hiking and overall it was a beautiful afternoon but I was a bit overheated by the time we got home. A cool shower felt great. Keith heads out of town again tomorrow so I’ll get back to work then.

More laptop stuff

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This is so cool. I’ve been playing around with the new version of Office that I got with the computer most of the afternoon. I haven’t done any quilting or piecing at all.

There’s a Deli/coffee shop/bar in our apartment building so Keith and I decided to bring the computers down and have some coffee. I high-jacked someone’s wireless earlier today but couldn’t get on this afternoon. I guess I’ll have to get a router and set it up on Monday. Debbie just did it with her Comcast Internet and assures me it’s easy! For this weekend I’ll just have to use the desktop or drop in for some coffee.

A neat feature of the laptop is a built in webcam. Here’s a photo of me sitting in the coffee shop. I know it’s not the most flattering picture but it’s fun! (Can you see Keith in the background getting my coffee?)

It’s finally here

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My laptop finally arrived from Dell and I’ve been playing around with it all morning. They shipped some of the accessories separately so I’m still waiting for those. So far I love it! I’ve been sitting on the sofa with Keith rather than back in the den where my desktop is located. I’m highjacking someone’s wireless internet connection for now but I may set up our cable internet for wireless.

It’s so pretty!

I don’t think I’ll get much quilting done today!

OK – now it’s hot

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Summer has finally arrived in Minneapolis. Keith and I have been looking at each other all month and saying “can you believe it’s July?”. Coming from the South, the lack of humidity and the lovely summer days have been wonderful but now it’s HOT. Luckily, it’s also almost August so we know the hot weather won’t be here long.

Today we decided to walk across Loring Park and visit the Walker Art Center. We’ve been over to the Sculpture Garden but hadn’t been through the museum. They have a Picasso exhibit there and I have to say he’s not my favorite artist. I prefer paintings by Monet and Van Gogh.

Quilting progress seems slow the last couple days. I continue to work on my Aunt’s top but just a little bit at a time. My QFAH project is coming along. I finished all the large 4 patches and cut my browns yesterday. I’ve sewn the strips for the small 4 patches. Later today I’ll try to iron the strips and get them cut and sewn.

I hadn’t updated my reading list for a while – I’ve been reading a little bit of everything recently. The usual mysteries and some historical fiction are there but I can’t you the last time I read something by Danielle Steel. I brought that book home from Mom’s and it was very light summer reading.


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I’ve been wanting to begin Judy’s July Quilt for an Hour project but felt that I’d never get caught up enough to get started. I finally decided today after visiting Vicki’s blog that I’d just combine the QFAH project with a quilt I need to make for a gift. So I played around some with Judy’s EQ file and here’s my version – my quilt will be scrappy but I tend to use a single color in EQ to save time.

I’ve been making so many string quilts I’d forgotten what a pain it is to cut out a scrap quilt. I still have my browns to cut and I’m going to have to hunt up some more beige but I’m ready to start sewing tomorrow.