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More of the same today

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Yesterday was productive. I worked on quilting Nancy’s top – it’s a king size version of Mom’s Honeybee and piecing another HeartStrings Coins top. I’ll continue to work on both today and maybe even get the coins finished – I have the top and bottom inner border to add and then the outer green print.

Tonight I actually have a dinner date – a friend is visiting from Florida (she does some work for Keith’s company) and we’re going to grab dinner and then meet Keith for drinks after his business dinner.

Chinese Coins

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I was in the mood to work some last night but but had a hard time deciding what to do. Finally I started sewing another Chinese Coins quilt for HeartStrings. I pulled out a bunch of coins and started putting them on the design wall.

I had a set that was donated together but only enough for 6 rows of coins so I had to go back to EQ6 and play around with the sashing and borders. I’m almost finished putting the center together and the diagram below is the pattern I used; this other one will be used for the next quilt. Both instructions are on if anyone is interested in knowing the cutting measurements.

I’ll also start quilting my aunt’s top today – really I promise – I’ll stop procrastinating!

St. Paul

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We’re back from a weekend trip to St. Paul – yes it’s just a few miles away but Keith had a conference on Friday so we spent a couple nights at the St. Paul Hotel. Now Keith has headed off to St. Louis and I’ve been watching some of the British Open. If I can summon some energy later – I’ll quilt some.

A few photos from St. Paul. I always try to visit the local library – the outside of the Central Library was nothing special but I loved the inside – I spent a couple hours in this room on Friday. Lots of green space in the city – Keith took this photo of me yesterday after our walk.

Using the stash

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Interesting discussion on Stashbuster about using *up* the stash. Having seen the stashes of some of those quilters as well as those on this Stash Quilt ring I’d say there is no danger for many of us of actually using the stash up.

It wasn’t until I started making string quilts for HeartStrings that I realized how little fabric it took to make a scrap quilt and how much of it I had not only in my scrap bins but on my shelves. I’ve come to realize that the best I can do is try to use more than I buy.

Even with all the string quilts made this year (along with pieced backings) my scraps are multiplying not being used up.

I finally loaded that damn top!

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My Aunt’s top is loaded and ready for quilting AND I finished the binding on the HeartStrings Chinese Coins quilt tonight also. Along with the Purple Project top assembled earlier that makes for a VERY productive day!

Chesty and I had a longer than usual walk in the park but that didn’t stop him from following me around all day. I constantly go back and forth between the bedroom that has the longarm and fabric and the smaller den that has my computer and sewing machine – poor Chesty gets up every time even when I tell him I’m coming right back. Here he’s waiting to see where I’m going to go next before sitting down.

Still procrastinating

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I haven’t loaded my Aunt’s top yet but I have pieced this one from the HeartStrings blocks that have been on my design wall for a week, vacuumed the entire apartment, cleaned the kitchen, done the laundry, walked Chesty in the park, and clean up the longarm from the last quilt. Now I’m going to walk downtown and have some dinner and MAYBE when I get home I’ll get it loaded.
Brief instructions for this quilt are at under Strings ~ Purple Project Quilt #2.


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I did find a few things shopping today – nothing too exciting but some tops, a pair of shorts and Capri’s. It would be nicer had I not gained back so much of the weight I lost last year – its very depressing.

I worked up the energy to change the thread on the machine and have the binding on the Amish Stripes and Strings. It’s next up for hand stitching once I finish the binding on the Chinese Coins quilt.

Tomorrow at the very least I’ll run the vacuum and hopefully will stop procrastinating and load my Aunt’s top on the longarm.


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blah (blä)
A general feeling of discomfort, dissatisfaction, or depression
Dull and uninteresting.
Low in spirit or health; down

Yep, that describes how I’ve been feeling last night and today.

Keith and I took a long walk yesterday and went into some open houses that we passed by. Looked at two townhouses and two condos. Could that be one reason for the blahs? We won’t move for a while but as we’re renting here, we’ll eventually have to make some kind of decision. At this point we plan to extend our lease in December for at least another 6 months.

Last night I finished the binding on the Purple Project quilt – I had one side left to stitch down after the sew-in Saturday and I got a HeartStrings label sewn on too.

Today, I finally took the Amish Stripes and Strings off the machine – it looks WONDERFUL but I didn’t feel like changing the bobbin thread to make the binding and get it sewn on. Didn’t feel like getting ready and loading the next quilt either – a top of my Aunt’s.

Finally, I decided to sit down at the machine for a bit and make some HeartStrings blocks for the 365 Block Challenge. I’m working on blocks for another Half Square Strings quilt – I still have triangles left over from a UFO that I decided to divide into two quilts – this will be the second one. I made 8 blocks and now I’m going to read a while.