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I finally loaded that damn top!

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My Aunt’s top is loaded and ready for quilting AND I finished the binding on the HeartStrings Chinese Coins quilt tonight also. Along with the Purple Project top assembled earlier that makes for a VERY productive day!

Chesty and I had a longer than usual walk in the park but that didn’t stop him from following me around all day. I constantly go back and forth between the bedroom that has the longarm and fabric and the smaller den that has my computer and sewing machine – poor Chesty gets up every time even when I tell him I’m coming right back. Here he’s waiting to see where I’m going to go next before sitting down.

Still procrastinating

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I haven’t loaded my Aunt’s top yet but I have pieced this one from the HeartStrings blocks that have been on my design wall for a week, vacuumed the entire apartment, cleaned the kitchen, done the laundry, walked Chesty in the park, and clean up the longarm from the last quilt. Now I’m going to walk downtown and have some dinner and MAYBE when I get home I’ll get it loaded.
Brief instructions for this quilt are at under Strings ~ Purple Project Quilt #2.


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I did find a few things shopping today – nothing too exciting but some tops, a pair of shorts and Capri’s. It would be nicer had I not gained back so much of the weight I lost last year – its very depressing.

I worked up the energy to change the thread on the machine and have the binding on the Amish Stripes and Strings. It’s next up for hand stitching once I finish the binding on the Chinese Coins quilt.

Tomorrow at the very least I’ll run the vacuum and hopefully will stop procrastinating and load my Aunt’s top on the longarm.


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blah (blä)
A general feeling of discomfort, dissatisfaction, or depression
Dull and uninteresting.
Low in spirit or health; down

Yep, that describes how I’ve been feeling last night and today.

Keith and I took a long walk yesterday and went into some open houses that we passed by. Looked at two townhouses and two condos. Could that be one reason for the blahs? We won’t move for a while but as we’re renting here, we’ll eventually have to make some kind of decision. At this point we plan to extend our lease in December for at least another 6 months.

Last night I finished the binding on the Purple Project quilt – I had one side left to stitch down after the sew-in Saturday and I got a HeartStrings label sewn on too.

Today, I finally took the Amish Stripes and Strings off the machine – it looks WONDERFUL but I didn’t feel like changing the bobbin thread to make the binding and get it sewn on. Didn’t feel like getting ready and loading the next quilt either – a top of my Aunt’s.

Finally, I decided to sit down at the machine for a bit and make some HeartStrings blocks for the 365 Block Challenge. I’m working on blocks for another Half Square Strings quilt – I still have triangles left over from a UFO that I decided to divide into two quilts – this will be the second one. I made 8 blocks and now I’m going to read a while.


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Yesterday I participated in the WI/MN area sew-in for HeartStrings – details can be found on the HeartStrings blog and more photos in our online album.

I took two completed quilts for Quilts of Valor – one from group blocks that we had assembled at our first sew-in in April and my Patriotic String Star – and brought 2 tops for quilting back home with me that we assembled at the sew-in yesterday.

The 365 Block Challenge is taking off – we have 37 participants signed up and 113 blocks have already been made. Are you joining the challenge?

Quilting progress

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I’ve been busy working on HeartStrings projects getting ready for the WI/MN area sew-in on Saturday. Today I finished quilting the Amish Stripes and Strings – the 3rd top this week quilted with my swirls template and the last before it comes off the table for a bit. This photo was taken after the first few rows of quilting and I really like how it looks on this quilt. I’ve also been working on bindings on 3 HeartStrings quilts and labeled the Patriotic String Star tonight too.

This is the second set of blocks for the Purple Project – the first quilt just needs the binding hand stitched down and a label applied. Putting them together will be on my list of goals for next week along with piecing another Chinese Coins quilt, starting the quilting on my aunt’s top, and working on bindings.

I’m bad…so sooo bad!

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I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a laptop on and off for a couple months. I miss my computer when I’m not at home and I’d like to be able to work on things and not be chained to my desk. Computing in the living room, the coffee shop down the street, even the park sounds good.

I said something to Keith yesterday thinking he’d tell me it wasn’t something I needed – usually I can count on him for that – but instead he said it sounded like a good idea and go ahead and get one. So I ordered one from Dell today and it should arrive within the week. It’s the pretty red one pictured above!
It’s something I want – not need. I am SO spoiled.

This and that

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HeartStrings is starting a 365 Block Challenge – read about it on our blog

I haven’t blogged about the ordeal we had over the present my brother, sisters, and I got Mom for Mother’s day. She sent me this photo Tuesday – she finally has her coffee table – intact and is able to display her quilts. (When it finally arrived it was damaged and it took a while for my brother to pick it up and have it repaired).

I’d written about the quilt chest I’d purchased from Kerry’s Kollectibles several months ago. That purchase went well without any problems and I love my chest.

Unfortunately, the customer service we received when buying Mom’s present was very poor in my opinion and based on that I would NOT recommend them.

Finally, another one of Debbie’s customer quilts won a ribbon. I’m so impressed – that’s 3 different ribbons on 3 different quilts in 3 different shows since June!

Taking time out

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Chesty and I take a walk in nearby Loring Park every morning – it helps rid him of some excess energy and then he’ll sit/sleep quietly while I work. The last two days have been beautiful and I don’t know if it’s just having returned from Virginia or the difference between in living in Minnesota versus the hot steamy south but I can’t believe it’s JULY!

Today we took a quilt and a book and sat for a while after our walk.

Who said String Quilts were ugly?

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You have to admit even if you don’t like string quilts that this one is kind of cute. I finished quilting this HeartStrings quilt (with more swirls!) – trimmed it and then put together the photographer’s stand I bought to take quilt photos. I didn’t get this hanging perfectly straight but it will do for now.

I love the colors in this quilt. I thought I’d back it with purple and use purple thread to quilt it but after pulling out a bunch of purple fabric I realized it was calling for blue. Luckily I had two blues that look great with it in my stash.

This quilt meets Judy’s Use the Stash Challenge for July. The border and the two backing fabrics have been in my stash for quite a while.

More Swirls on the agenda for today

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Thanks for all the compliments on the Chinese Coins quilting – these templates make it easy. I pieced an off center 4 Patch backing last night and loaded my Purple HeartStrings top for quilting today. I also finished the binding on the Patriotic String Star and have the 2nd set of purple blocks up on the design wall.

Today’s goals:
Quilt the Purple HeartStrings top with swirls
Label and wash the Patriotic String Star
Make and machine stitch binding on the Chinese Coins #3 quilt
Cook dinner

I don’t mention it often but since we’ve moved, between the inconvenience of not have a grocery store I can walk to and all of Keith’s travel, I rarely cook anymore. The week before I left to visit Mom I tried a grocery delivery service Simon Delivers and it worked out great. I placed another order which will be here this afternoon and we’ll actually eat dinner at home 3 nights this week!

Once I take Chesty for a walk in the park I’ll get to work. After our visit to the dog park last week I applied for a dog license and an off lease permit – both are required for Chesty to go back to the dog park – so far they haven’t arrived and for now we just walk around the park and chase squirrels.