Why am I crawling around on the floor at 2AM?

I’ve always admired the small quilts that Tonya makes and hand quilts and I’ve been watching the quilts being exchanged in the doll quilt swaps. I don’t have any desire to swap but I decided I could always make some quilts, buy some dolls, and donate them together.

Inspired to finally act by Lucy and a mini quilt she made recently, I ordered a few books from Amazon including the book she referred to on hand quilting – Quilting With Style: Principles for Great Pattern Design by Gwen Marston & Joe Cunningham.

So while I’m waiting for my books to arrive, I remembered an old UFO that’s not even on my working list because it will just never be finished and this is where the crawling around on the floor at 2AM comes in!

These drunkard’s path blocks are appliqued not pieced (needle-turn applique believe it or not!) all from Joann’s calico’s I bought the first year I was quilting. So I think this is going to become my first doll quilt and who knows it might be my last too since I certainly don’t need more projects, we’ll see how it goes.

15 thoughts on “Why am I crawling around on the floor at 2AM?

  1. meggie

    What a lovely idea. I love dolls, & have made lots. I have only made 2 quilts for my dolls, but my daughter made the first one I had, & she hand stitched it beautifully.
    You have just reminded me, I have a Drunkards path I made a long time ago- it has never been backed or quilted…hmmm I wonder where it is?

  2. Lazy Gal Tonya

    Quilting with Style is fabulous – hope you enjoy it. The thing I love about small quilts is how quickly they can get done, but you get big quilts done so quickly!

  3. GRACE

    great doll quilt idea, mary; the best part about them is that they finish up lickety split! I am hand piecing mine and it’s going along faaaast!

    cityquilter grace

  4. Evelyn aka Starfishy

    My Nana used to make cloth dolls and cradles to donate to children at Christmas. Dolls combined with a little quilt is a lovely idea! And – I have the plastic templates for rotary cutting this pattern – I like how your version looks – needle turn applique? Wow!



  5. Gail

    Looks awfully good to be such an early ‘beginner’ project- looking forward to seeing it finished.

  6. Norma

    Making doll quilts to give away with dolls is a very cute idea! I love this drunkard’s path already–nice setting!

  7. Laurie

    I JUST LOVE THE HEART ECHO PATTERN!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you don’t mind if I use it sometime!!! I can see where there is thinking and practicing involved!!!

  8. Jeanne

    Love the workings of the little doll quilt. It’s going to wonderful. Isn’t it fun how reading each other’s blogs gives us more projects? VBG

  9. mereth

    Goodness,I’m like Meggie and just remebered a Drunkards Path I started 18 years ago. Gakky colours, if I recall, and they were hand-pieced, which was quite easy, and not as tedious sounding as needleturn applique! Your colours are nice and vibrant and this should turn out better than mine, if I ever touch it again.

  10. Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum

    Such a beautiful range of quilts in recent posts, you have been bust.
    I have recently had the dill quilt bug as well and the little girls i know have really loved them so the doll and quilt idea would go down ver well, I’m sure, Tracey

  11. cher

    Mary, what a sweet doll quilt that will make! I love how other quilters inspire us to retrieve and finish “old” projects or just play and enjoy exploring a new direction.

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