5 thoughts on “Still for sale

  1. Laurie

    It looks GREAT!!! If I lived a LOT closer I’d consider it…although I’d have to negotiate your quilts with it! LOL.

    Your walls looks like the same color as ours…sherwin williams “dromedary camel”. It’s a SUPER color…goes with ANYTHING!!!

    Good luck with it!

  2. Tracey

    Good Luck with the sale. It looks lovely, I’m sure that someone will be very happy there, but it won’t be me…not the right part of the country for me!

    I do love that red and white quilt on the bed.

  3. Gypsy Quilter

    It’s a lovely home Mary and I’ll keep it in mind as it is in the area I’ll be looking to buy. However, I really do need a space for a garden. And I’ve gotten a little spoiled having woods all around and no immediate neighbors. After living in College Park, having the planes come through my living room every day and the trains come through the kitchen every night, you can understand how much I appreciate the quiet. Love your quilts though.

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