Ready for binding

I love the texture that Baptist Fans give a quilt (thanks to the templates from Circle Lord , they’re easy to machine quilt). I know it looks like the quilting has overpowered the piecing on this HeartStrings RWB Sampler for Quilts of Valor but I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the quilt tossed across the longarm. The afternoon sun in my Studio is perfect for seeing the texture quilting brings to a top.

Just in case you didn’t believe me, here are two photos of the quilt just after trimming and you can still see the piecing and pattern of the top. Click on the photos to see larger views. Once I get this bound – I’ll have 3 quilts to send back to Sue Frank for Quilts of Valor and she’s got another top to send me for quilting.

25 Responses to “Ready for binding”

  • Vicki W:

    It’s beautiful! Perfect as a QOV.

  • Deb:

    Looks wonderful! Perfect for it’s purpose, as always. Hope your day is better now.

  • EileenKNY:

    Beautiful, Mary. I agree with you-the CL Baptist Fans add so much to the top.

  • sandy:


  • Lindah:

    What a fun quilt!I love baptist fans, too.

  • Yvonne:

    I think they look great! How can you go wrong with those fans…

  • Gail:

    It looks great. OF course, I love Baptist Fans on just about anything.

  • Laurie:

    the quilt doesn’t even look like the same one from pic one to the other two! WOW…I justmight have to invest in that template…but the cost is so much that i hesitate since i don’t do as much on the longarm. I don’t take in quilts for customers anymore.

  • Norma:

    I am with you–there is nothing better than the BF to add texture to a quilt! I love how the fans look on this quilt! You have excellent light to take pictures of the quilting itself–this is not easy to do!

  • Randi:

    It looks wonderful! I also love the way BF quilting FEELS when you run your hands over it. It’s just a great texture to touch.

  • patti in florida:

    i have to agree with randi. the texture you feel when you run your hands over the baptist fan quilting is just wonderful. on top of that the quilt looks fantastic. had to go back to see that you use the template, or is that the one like your swirls?

  • Carol:

    Mary that is absolutely beautiful…I love the Baptist Fan.

  • Morah:

    This is my favorite quilting pattern. I try to do it on my home machine but am not very good. Love the quilt.

  • Jane Weston:

    What a great picture! The lighting was just right to see all the contouring (I was going to say lumps and bumps..but somehow that doesn’t convey the beauty!) I love baptist fan it’s one of those patterns that can be used in so many situations.

  • Tazzie:

    Just gorgeous Mary, what wonderful light to show off your amazing quilting. Anyone would be just thrilled to receive this quilt, it’s stunning!

  • Karol-Ann:

    Wow, it’s like two different quilts – both beautiful. The quilting and the top are both great – well done on another job wonderfully done!

  • Julie aka "Quilt Diva":

    You did a GREAT job (quilting AND photography). Bonnie of Quiltville has just quilted one of my grandmother’s rescue quilts with Baptist Fans – “Elsie’s Broken Dishes” is currently in transit back to me and, after this post, now I’m even MORE excited to see the results in person….

  • Linda_J:

    Looks wonderful, Mary! You have been quite the “quilting machine” yourself lately even with having to step back in exaperation and take a break from tension troubles the other day.

  • Carolyn:

    What a fabulous picture of the quilting! I love those Baptist Fans…

  • Sheree:

    Oh Mary, You made a very nice quilt top absolutely SHINE!

  • cher:

    great quilting Mary…as always.

  • Marcie:

    That quilt is dynamite! Nice job!

  • Screen Door:

    Simply gorgeous… And for a good cause. I can just picture a soldier or his family hanging onto this for years, a real keepsake.

  • TerriW:

    Ooo! BF looks just perfect on that quilt! Wonderful!


  • Helen in the UK:

    Really love this quilt. I think it is the way the string blocks create a sense of movement and a medallion feel in the centre. Your quilting is wonderful (as always) – a perfect compliment 🙂

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