A quick top

I had lots of catching up to do today after being gone but did manage to squeeze in assembling the crazy quilt doll top. I had 6 blocks but felt that it was too long and skinny so I chopped off 3 inches off the top and cut squares to piece on the side.

Having just watched Ricky Tims Caveman Quilting Video, I decided to bind this using his *birthing* technique. I liked how much easier it was to turn the quilt using his method of cutting the back and resewing it leaving an opening for turning.

There is no batting and I’ll do the embroidery along the seams through the backing fabric.

6 thoughts on “A quick top

  1. Patti

    What a marvelous way to change the shape – whacking off the bottom and adding to the side in a completely free and serendipitous manner. This is just the kind of quilt that makes me ask “I wonder why she did it that way?” when I see it in an antique quilt. Will you do any fancy stitching in the blocks? I really don’t think it needs it – it’s perfect the way it is.

  2. Lazy Gal Tonya

    great top. I LOVE how you added the little squares along the side. Makes this quit so much more interesting.

  3. Vicki W

    It’s so much more interesting the way you made it! How abouta close up of the backing technique? I’ve not heard of that.

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