This is so fun!

I’m really enjoying the hand embroidery on the Crazy Quilt (my latest doll quilt) and bought a second book with some stitches at Borders today. I also had to check out the stitch library books that Amazon has so now I have a couple of those on order. I guess I’ll have to do at least one more project after this one to get my money’s worth. I did mention that I’m addicted to books didn’t I? My basket with all my supplies is pictured below.

Before I let myself work on this project today, I’m going to try and finish up Mom’s top that I started quilting yesterday.

These blocks are pretty busy so the stitches aren’t showing up all that well but that’s OK because it helps hide the flaws. My favorite thread so far has been the size 8 perle cotton but I don’t have but 5-6 colors of it. I did buy some more floss at Joann’s today. The size 5 perle cotton I have seems too thick but I did find some couching techniques in the new book where it might work.

Click on the photo to see a larger view.

10 thoughts on “This is so fun!

  1. Gerry

    Mary, I’m tickled to hear that the Crazy Quilting bug has gotten you. It really is addictive, isn’t it?

    Anyway, there are many online stitch dictionaries and resources. I have a number of them toward the bottom of my sidebar on my blog.

    The best ones, I believe are at: (these are videos) (a variety of things) (ribbon embroidery)

    Hope this helps!!!!

  2. Sweet P

    I have that Quilter’s Stitch Bible too. I haven’t used it as much as I could, but I might pick it up. Your stitching is looking great.

  3. GRACE

    mary, your little crazy quilt is adorable…the great part about the doll quilts is they DO work up fast, so is a fun, quick project. love all the beautiful quilts on your blog as well…


  4. Linda_J

    Gerry listed the stitchery index
    Sharon B’s that I would have sent you to for online help. But that’s okay–she has more that I didn’t have bookmarked, LOL.

    I bet it was fun for you to have some handwork to do instead of all the machine quilting that you have been doing lately. It looks terrific.

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