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Quilting as a distraction

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I had to drop Chesty off this morning before 7am and wasn’t allowed to pick him up until 3pm so I spent the time in between quilting 3 wall hangings for my aunt and trying not to worry about him.

Chesty’s test showed that he does have a collapsing trachea. Structurally, it’s a Grade 1 which means the obstruction is mild when he’s at rest and not having an episode. They’re going to treat him medically and they put him on two new medications so we’ll see how it goes. He’s completely wiped out from the anesthesia and has been sitting next to me or on me since we got home.

I’m not sure how someone who doesn’t quilt for a living can end up with a Christmas rush however, I’m slowly but surely working my way through it. Of course, both my Mom and Aunt have one last quilt each they want done by the beginning of December.

I haven’t published a list recently but you can bet I’m working my way down my current to do list and checking off each item as I finish it. The two quilts I shipped to Mom on Monday and these wall hangings were high on the list and I’m relieved to have them done.


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Chesty was seen at the medical clinic at the University today. They did an exam and chest x-rays and decided to do a bronchoscopy tomorrow. The vet found the video very helpful so I’m glad I thought to grab the camera yesterday when he was having one of his episodes.

Keith is out of town of course, isn’t he always when I’m at the Dr’s or Hospital with one of the boys??

Poor Chesty is pooped from spending all afternoon at the clinic and is sacked out on the couch beside me.

I love having massages

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I woke up this morning and scheduled an appointment for a massage – I walked into the spa/salon 15 minutes before my appointment and found out the masseuse went home sick. Bummer!

So I was left with my second option which was coming home and putting two bindings on quilts for Mom and then shipping off those two to her and 3 to California to be distributed to those affected by the fires. One of the quilts I sent back to Mom was the one I was quilting the leaves on and overall I was happy with how it turned out.

Two of Purple Project quilts are being donated through this program mentioned on the HeartStrings blog and one is being sent to Karen, a fellow HeartStrings member who is finishing and collecting quilts. If you’d like to help, either contact Karen directly or if you’d like to send quilts for Kids Need to be Kids, you can email me for Debbi’s mailing address.

Another vet appointment

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Chesty has always had what the vet in GA told me was probably a collapsing trachea, apparently common in small dogs. Typically, it has occurred with activity or pulling against his collar and leash but lately it’s gotten worse and he’s having episodes when he’s resting or even sleeping. We’ve been referred to the College of Veterinary Medicine at the university and our appointment is tomorrow.

Since the problem is intermittent, I taped one of his episodes this afternoon.

Managing UFO’s

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While I don’t mind having finished tops waiting for quilting, I try very hard now not to let myself put aside a quilt during the piecing project because it can be so hard to go back and finish it. I set aside my July QFAH project (from JudyL’s site) to work on some other things and now I’m having to make myself get this pieced.

I was not nearly as far along as I thought so rather than forcing myself to finish it all at once, my goal is to work on it in blocks of 1 hour as Judy intended – I even pulled the timer out. Until it’s finished I won’t allow myself to start another top.

More free form pieced letters…..

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I couldn’t squeeze this one to 4×6 (the *q* and *u* are much too wide!) so it’s a jumbo 5×8 size which is OK because I had plenty of room to try a pinked edge on it.

A nice dinner out and a few glasses of wine wiped away my frustration from this afternoon. Keith leaves Sunday for Palm Springs so I’ll have 3 uninterrupted days to work and get somewhat caught up.

I don’t normally do these ….but

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Since Deb was the one who tagged me – I’ll make a half a** attempt at it. Since I don’t usually do these, I only answered a few of the questions and won’t tag anyone else.

4 jobs I’ve had:
Library page
Med/Surg Nurse
Homecare nurse
Public Health Nurse Supervisor
L/D nurse
… many other nursing jobs

4 films I could watch over and over: I don’t watch anything over and over

4 places I’ve lived (more than 4 here)
Newport News, VA
Courtland, VA
Hampton, VA
VA Beach, VA
Pembroke Pines, FL
Valrico, FL
Marietta, GA
Minneapolis, MN

4 favorite foods
Is Cabernet a food?

4 favorite colors

4 places I’d love to be right now
Anywhere in Europe
GA visiting my sons
VA visiting my family

What’s wrong with this picture?

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This is the check spring to my longarm in two pieces. I found the piece on the (R) on my quilt top this afternoon. Luckily I had two replacement springs , unfortunately the one I tried to use for the first hour or so was defective!!!!

I spent all afternoon trying to replace this and ran into one issue after another. Finally, I think it’s OK after quilting 2 additional blocks without problems but I was ready to pull my hair out. Let’s just say the instructions didn’t exactly match up to my machine!