Back on track

I finished quilting the top for Mom this afternoon – just in time too as she had shipped me a 3rd one that needs to be done before Christmas. I also finally got out to the post office and shipped/mailed several things that have been waiting since the weekend.

Chesty is better today – the steroid shot made a big difference and he’s just about back to his normal self.

After quilting and running my errands I had a little time before meeting Keith for dinner and decided to try a postcard with the free form pieced letters everyone is doing. Of course, it would have probably helped had I read Tonya’s tutorial first but all in all it’s not too bad for a first attempt especially since I had to limit it to a 4×6 area for the postcard.

9 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. Karen (Misiz C)

    How fun is that! Love the postcard. I’ve been thinking of trying the free form letters too… in my spare time. LOL

    Thanks for the link and inspiration. So glad Chesty is feeling better!

  2. Hedgehog

    Just love your little postcard – just tried my own first postcards this week, too. Now I can combine them with my letter obsession…

  3. Tanya

    Hey, great post card. If you hadn’t said I would have thought you’ve done a lot of it before.
    Glad Chesty is better.

  4. Julie aka "Quilt Diva"

    Yeah!! Great postcard. I just made my first “small” letters last night (under 3″ instead of a whopping 6″ plus in height)… so I understand your feelings of accomplishment! Good news re Chesty.

  5. Julia

    Oh, I am glad that Chesty is feeling better. He is sooooooo cute!!! He reminds me of the little dog we had when I was a teenager. She slept with me all of the time.

  6. Deb

    Very cute postcard. Do I get one of those too??? I’m so sorry Chesty was not doing well, and glad he’s better. Good for you or insisting he be seen.

    Where’s t picture of Mother’s quilt you finished???

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